Ephesians 5:18 - Filled With The Spirit.

Ephesians 5:18 (NLT) Don't be drunk with 
wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, 
let the Holy Spirit fill and control you.  


True communion with God is not induced by 
drunkenness but by the Holy Spirit. Paul is not speaking 
of the Holy Spirit's indwelling (Rom. 8:9) or 
the baptism by Christ with the Holy Spirit (1 
Cor. 12:13), because every Christian is indwelt 
and baptized by the Spirit at the time of 
salvation. He is rather giving a command for believers 
to live continually under the influence of the 
Spirit by letting the Word control them, pursuing 
pure lives, confessing all known sin, dying to 
self, surrendering to God's will, and depending on 
His power in all things. Being filled with the 
Spirit is living in the conscious presence of the 
Lord Jesus Christ, letting His mind, through the 
Word, dominate everything that is thought and 
done. Being filled with the Spirit is the same as 
walking in the Spirit. [MacArthur Daily Bible 2003] 


   The Bible tells us to be filled with the 
Spirit, but have you ever wondered what that 
actually means? 
   Some people surmise that to be filled 
with the Spirit is to have an emotional 
experience, and it can include that. But it doesnt 
always include that. Which means you can be filled 
with the Spirit and not have any emotional 
response whatsoever. Then again, you can be filled 
with the Spirit and feel a lot of emotion. 
   But here is the problem: All too often, 
some of the most bizarre, aberrant things we see 
happening in the church today are attributed to the 
Holy Spirit. People are saying the Spirit is 
telling them to do these things. But do we find 
these things in the Bible? The answer is no. So 
are these things from the Holy Spirit? I dont 
think they really are. 
   So what does it mean to be filled with 
the Spirit? We could compare it to driving a 
car. We read in Acts 2 about the day of 
Pentecost, the story of the explosion of the Holy 
Spirit that set the church in motion. In the same 
way, when you get into your car and put your key 
into the ignition and turn it over, there is an 
explosion, if you will, that fires up the car. You 
dont need to keep turning your car on again and 
again once youre driving. You just need that 
initial explosion, and then you drive the car. 
   It is great when you have an emotional 
experience. But we must remember that the Bible says, 
The just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17). 
By and large, the Christian life is a walk of 
faith, not a walk of feeling. Feelings will come 
and go. But the just shall live by faith. [Greg 
Laurie from Harvest Ministries; 


   In The Amplified Bible this text reads: 
"And do not get drunk with wine  but ever be 
filled and stimulated with the (Holy) Spirit."  
   However we may view the doctrine of the 
Holy Spirit, or whatever experience we may have 
had of Him in the past, if we do not enjoy an 
ever-present flow of His power in our lives, then we are 
living below the New Testament standard. This text, 
as many commentators have pointed out, is a 
command to be obeyed. If we are not experiencing 
what the Bible commands, then our lives are not 
in harmony with God's purposes.  
   I meet many Christians who are sighing 
over lost ecstasies, mourning over lost 
victories, and who are downcast because they have lost 
touch with God. It is largely because they are 
living not "the life of the Spirit," but the life 
of following an ideal with their own resources, 
stirred by emotion through a special sermon or 
something they read in a book. They grow tired and are 
on the point of giving up.  
   A translator in India, working on an 
early edition of Every Day Light on the Holy 
Spirit, wrote: "I'd like another subject. I'm tired 
of working on the Holy Spirit." A lot of 
Christians have that problem; they grow tired of 
working on the Holy Spirit, instead of letting the 
Holy Spirit work on them. Let's stop working on 
the Spirit, and allow Him to work on us!  
   Blessed Holy Spirit, help me as I thread 
my way through the maze of thoughts and 
attitudes about You. Help me to come out with Your 
thoughts and attitudes. I want to be filled with the 
Spirit"today and always. For Jesus' sake. Amen. [Every 
Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes 


   Come to Me, and rest in My Peace. My Face 
is shining upon you, in rays of Peace 
transcending understanding. Instead of trying to figure 
things out yourself, you can relax in the Presence 
of the One who knows everything. As you lean on 
Me in trusting dependence, you feel peaceful 
and complete. This is how I designed you to 
live: in close communion with Me.  
   When you are around other people, you 
tend to cater to their expectations--real or 
imagined. You feel enslaved to pleasing them, and your 
awareness of My Presence grows dim. Your efforts to 
win their approval eventually exhaust you. You 
offer these people dry crumbs rather than the 
living water of My Spirit flowing through you. This 
is not My way for you! Stay in touch with Me, 
even during your busiest moments. Let My Spirit 
give you words of grace as you live in the Light 
of My Peace. (Phi. 4:6, 7; John 7:38; Eph. 
5:18-20) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Ephesians 5:18 - Filled With The Spirit.



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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