Matthew 1:21 - Jesus Saves Us From Sin.

Matthew 1:21 (KJV) And she shall bring forth 
a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for 
he shall save his people from their sins. 

Matthew 1:21 (AMP) She will bear a Son, and 
you shall call His name Jesus [the Greek form of 
the Hebrew Joshua, which means Savior], for He 
will save His people from their sins [that is, 
prevent them from failing and missing the true end 
and scope of life, which is God]. 


Set Your Compass in the Right Direction
   The problem is not that God hasnt 
spoken but that we havent listened. 
Imagine your reaction if I were to take a 
telephone book, open it up, and proclaim, I have found 
a list of everyone whos on welfare! Or what 
if I said, Here is a list of college graduates! 
Or, This book will tell us who has a red car. 
Youd probably say, Now wait a minute - 
thats not the purpose of that book. Youre 
holding a telephone book. Its purpose is simply to 
reveal the name and number of residents of a city 
during a certain time frame. 
   Only by understanding its purpose can I 
accurately use the telephone book. Only by 
understanding its purpose can I accurately use the 
   The purpose of the Bible is simply to 
proclaim Gods plan to save his children. It 
asserts that man is lost and needs to be saved. And 
it communicates the message that Jesus is the 
God in the flesh sent to save his children. 
   Though the Bible was written over sixteen 
centuries by at least forty authors, it has one 
central theme - salvation through faith in Christ. 
Begun by Moses in the lonely desert of Arabia and 
finished by John on the lonely Isle of Patmos, it is 
held together by a strong thread: Gods passion 
and Gods plan to save his children. 
   What a vital truth! Understanding the 
purpose of the Bible is like setting the compass in 
the right direction. Calibrate it correctly and 
youll journey safely. But fail to set it, and who 
knows where youll end up. [Max Lucado Daily 
Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


From Their Sins
   Sin had bound men (Rom. 6:16; 2 Peter 
2:19) in its prison house (Isa. 42:7). Christ came 
that He might loose the bonds, open the prison 
doors, and deliver the captives from the sentence 
of death (Isa. 61:1; Rom. 7:24, 25). He came to 
save us from our sins, not in our sins. He came, 
not only to save us from sins actually 
committed, but from our potential tendencies that lead 
to sin (Rom. 7:23"5; 1 John 1:7, 9). He came 
to redeem us from all iniquity (Titus 
2:14), including every hereditary and cultivated 
tendency to evil (DA 671) 
   He [Christ] did not come to restore 
again the kingdom to Israel (Acts 1:6), but to 
restore the dominion of God in the hearts of men 
(Luke 17:20, 21). Christ did not come primarily to 
save men from poverty and social injustice (Luke 
12:13"15), as many apostles of the social gospel claim 
today, but from sin, the fundamental cause of 
poverty and injustice. [SDA Bible Commentary] 


   When the fullness of the time was 
come, God sent forth His Son. Providence had 
directed the movements of nations, and the tide of 
human impulse and influence, until the world was 
ripe for the coming of the Deliverer. The nations 
were united under one government. One language 
was widely spoken, and was everywhere recognized 
as the language of literature. From all lands 
the Jews of the dispersion gathered to Jerusalem 
to the annual feasts. As these returned to the 
places of their sojourn, they could spread 
throughout the world the tidings of the Messiahs 
   At this time the systems of heathenism 
were losing their hold upon the people. Men were 
weary of pageant and fable. They longed for a 
religion that could satisfy the heart. While the 
light of truth seemed to have departed from among 
men, there were souls who were looking for light, 
and who were filled with perplexity and sorrow. 
They were thirsting for a knowledge of the living 
God, for some assurance of a life beyond the 
grave. DA32 

Satan was exulting that he had succeeded in 
debasing the image of God in humanity. Then Jesus 
came to restore in man the image of his Maker. 
None but Christ can fashion anew the character 
that has been ruined by sin. He came to expel the 
demons that had controlled the will. He came to 
lift us up from the dust, to reshape the marred 
character after the pattern of His divine character, 
and to make it beautiful with His own glory. 


Jesus died, not to save man IN his sins, but 
FROM his sins. Man is to leave the error of his 
ways, to follow the example of Christ, to take up 
his cross and follow Him, denying self, and 
obeying God at any cost. [4T250] 

Christ invites all to come to Him, but when 
they come, they are to lay aside their sins. All 
their vices and follies, all their pride and 
worldliness, are to be laid at [the foot of] His cross. 
This He requires because He loves them, and 
desires to save them; not in their sins but from 
their sins. [UL169] 

1. Jesus saves us from all past sin by His 
death on the cross. 
   1Jo.1:9 If we confess our sins, he is 
faithful and just to forgive us our  
   sins, and to cleanse us from all 
2. Jesus saves us from present sin by the 
gift of the Holy Spirit: 
   Gal.5:16 Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall 
not fulfil the lust of the flesh. 
   John 15:4 Abide in me, and I in you. As 
the branch cannot bear fruit of  
   itself, except it abide in the vine; no 
more can ye, except ye abide in me.  
   1Th.5:17 Pray without ceasing.
3. Jesus saves from future sin by 
   1Co.15:52-54 In a moment, in the 
twinkling of an eye, at the last trump:  
   for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead 
shall be raised incorruptible,  
   and we shall be changed. 53 For this 
corruptible must put on incorruption,  
   and this mortal must put on immortality. 
54 So when this corruptible shall  
   have put on incorruption, and this mortal 
shall have put on immortality,  
   then shall be brought to pass the saying 
that is written, Death is  
   swallowed up in victory. [source unknown]


   Wed spent the morning unpacking 
holiday decorations and hanging them on the tree. As 
I stepped back to view the finished product, 
memories warmed me from the inside out. My husband 
and I exchanged smiles. It was time to set up 
the crche - our favorite way to welcome 
Christmas. Our nativity is extensive, made up of close 
to thirty pieces. One by one, we unwrapped the 
white porcelain forms, placing them in a rough 
arrangement. We had more than half of the boxes emptied 
when I began to worry.  
   I didnt see the container holding baby 
Jesus anywhere. I pushed the collectors boxes 
back and forth, searching. Wheres the Holy 
Child? Panic tinged my voice. My husband pointed to 
a coffee table where hed set the piece 
aside. I blinked and took a deep breath. It was as 
if Id been jostled awake, thoughts crowding 
my mind and emotions.  
   What if God hadnt decided to redeem 
us? What if an obedient virgin hadnt accepted 
the terrible and marvelous honor of motherhood? 
And most important, what if there hadnt been 
a baby Jesus? I shuddered.  
   But Jesus was with God in the beginning 
and will be with us forever, to the end of the 
age. My soul finds peace in that promise. For 
today, I gaze at this tiny figurine that represents 
our Lords humble entry into the chaos of our 
world. Once again, I experience the wonder of a 
second chance, the vast and eternal hope 
represented in His birth. And I sigh.  
   I know how the story ends - happily ever 
after - for every believer. And I offer a prayer 
of thanks. by Heidi Gaul  
   Faith Step: Spend a few minutes today 
thinking about what your life would be like if Jesus 
had never been born. Invite someone over for 
coffee and give thanks in celebration. [Mornings 
With Jesus 2020 Devotional by Guideposts and 


Jesus came to earth to save us because we 
can't save ourselves from sin and its 
consequences. No matter how good we are, we can't 
eliminate our alienation from God. Only Jesus can do 
that. Jesus didn't come to help people save 
themselves; he, and he alone, came to be their Savior 
from the power and penalty of sin. Thank Jesus 
for his death on the cross for your sin, and 
then ask him to take control of your life. Your 
new life begins at that moment. (Life 
Application Commentary) 


I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the 
luminous figure of the Nazarene... No one can read 
the Gospels without feeling the actual presence 
of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every 
word. No myth is filled with such life. [the great 
physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein] 


I am God with you, for all time and 
throughout eternity. Don't let the familiarity of that 
concept numb its impact on your consciousness. My 
perpetual Presence with you can be a continual source 
of Joy, springing up and flowing out in streams 
of abundant Life. Let your mind reverberate 
with meanings of My Names: Jesus - the Lord 
saves, and Immanuel - God with us. Strive to remain 
conscious of My Presence even in your busiest moments. 
Talk with Me about whatever delights you, 
whatever upsets you, whatever is on your mind. These 
tiny steps of daily discipline, taken one after 
the other, will keep you close to Me on the path 
of Life. (Mat. 1:21, 23; Acts 2:28) [Jesus 
Calling by Sarah Young] 


Matthew 1:21 - Jesus Saves Us From Sin; 
Past, Present And Future. 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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