2 Timothy 3:16, 17 - The Bible: Gods Owners Manual for Life.

2 Timothy 3:16, 17 (NLT) All Scripture is 
inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is 
true and to make us realize what is wrong in our 
lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches 
us to do what is right. 17 God uses it to 
prepare and equip his people to do every good work. 


Always the Same
   Every day, 66 percent of evangelical 
Christians are looking at Facebook, 39 percent are 
looking at YouTube, and 32 percent are opening their 
   In other words, a lot of Christians 
arent opening their Bibles today. Instead, 
theyre looking at social media. Thats a 
   I remember the first time I started to 
read the Bible. I couldnt believe that I had 
finally found the users manual of life. I 
couldnt believe how the words were so relevant to 
what I was facing as a 17-year-old kid. 
   In fact, Ive found that the Word of 
God is relevant for every phase of my life, and 
you will find the same. 
   The Bible is the most amazing book ever 
written. Its literally Gods message to us. 
Technically speaking, it isnt one book. Its 
actually 66 books written over a 1,500-year span by 
40 writers from every walk of life: kings, 
peasants, philosophers, fishermen, poets, statesmen, 
and scholars. 
   Yet all of them wrote about one thing: 
Gods redemption of humanity. And God inspired 
every one of these individuals who wrote down the 
Scriptures. The Bible says, Above all, you must 
realize that no prophecy in Scripture ever came from 
the prophets own understanding, or from human 
initiative. No, those prophets were moved by the Holy 
Spirit, and they spoke from God (2 Peter 1:20-21 
   So many things come and go, from trends 
to musical styles. But the Word of God is 
always the same, and Jesus Christ is always the 
same, yesterday, today, and forever. 
   Its amazing to me that even though a 
newspaper is outdated in a day or so, Gods Word is 
always fresh and relevant to what were facing. 
It never goes out of style. 
   The Word of God is perfect and completely 
trustworthy. So we need to open it and hear what it has 
to say. [Greg Laurie from Harvest Ministries; 


The Bible is the revelation of God to our 
world The jewels buried in it are inexhaustible; 
for it is the wisdom of an infinite mind.  

The creative energy that called the worlds 
into existence is in the word of God. This word 
imparts power; it begets life. Every command is a 
promise; accepted by the will, received into the 
soul, it brings with it the life of the Infinite 
One. It transforms the nature and re-creates the 
soul in the image of God.  ED126 

God committed the preparation of His 
divinely inspired Word to finite man. This Word 
arranged into books, the Old and New Testaments, is 
the guidebook to the inhabitants of a fallen 
world; bequeathed to them, that by studying and 
obeying the directions, not one soul would lose its 
way to heaven. 7BC944 

In order to arrive at truth, we must have a 
sincere desire to know the truth and a willingness 
of heart to obey it. And all who come in this 
spirit to the study of the Bible will find abundant 
evidence that it is God's word, and they may gain an 
understanding of its truths that will make them wise unto 
salvation. SC111 

Satan comes to us with worldly honor, 
wealth, and the pleasures of life. These temptations 
are varied to meet people of every rank and 
degree, tempting them away from God to serve 
themselves more than their Creator. "All these things 
will I give thee," said Satan to Christ. "All 
these things will I give thee," says Satan to us. 
"All this money, this land, all this power, this 
honor, and these riches, will I give thee," and we 
are charmed, deceived, and treacherously allured 
on to our ruin. The Saviour overcame the 
wily foe, showing us how we may overcome. He has 
left us His example, to repel Satan with 
Scripture. Letter 1a, 1872.  

In His word, God has committed to men the 
knowledge necessary for salvation. The Holy Scriptures 
are to be accepted as an authoritative, 
infallible revelation of His will. They are the 
standard of character, the revealer of doctrines, and 
the test of experience. {GC vii.1} [Remnant SB] 

The Bible: Gods Owners Manual for Life
   Having the right equipment is often the 
difference between success and failure. To insert a 
screw, a carpenter doesnt use a knife. When 
youre under anesthesia, you dont want your 
surgeon using a chainsaw. A climber on Mount Everest 
wont use dollar store equipment. 
   Professionals are picky about using the 
right equipment as they know it can be dangerous 
if they arent. 
   Life can be dangerous, too, so its 
essential that you use the right equipment. 
   One of those pieces of equipment is the 
Bible. Its like Gods owners manual for 
your life. Like any good owners manual, the 
Bible gives you instructions and you can consult 
it when you need help. 
   Second Timothy 3:17 says, The 
scriptures are the comprehensive equipment of the man 
of God and fit him fully for all branches of 
his work (Phillips). 
   There are four simple reasons you need 
the Bible: 
   1. To help you know God. Nature shows us 
how God is powerful, creative, and organized, 
and how he likes variety. But God reveals many 
other things about himself through the Bible. To 
know what God is like, we need the Bible. 
   2. To teach you the truth. In this age of 
truth decay, who are you going to trust? 
Politicians? Twitter? The media? Jesus says, You will 
know the truth, and the truth will set you 
free (John 8:32 TLB). When God speaks through the 
Bible, he offers eternal truth that you can count 
   3. To show you how to live. The Bible is 
Gods big instruction book. It includes the 
guidance you need to make life work. 
   4. To give you spiritual strength. God 
will always give you the power to do what he 
asks. Youll find that power in the spiritual 
truth of his Word. 
   You never know what the day will bring 
you. But whatever it is, make sure youre 
equipped with the Bible, Gods owners manual for 
life. [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 

Looking for Truth? Go to the Book.
   The Bible holds enormous amounts of 
truth. And how you approach the Bible will 
determine how much you get out of it. 
   If you approach the Bible as a skeptic, 
its going to be a closed book to you. If you 
approach the Bible with reverence and humility, 
youll find it opening like a flower. 
   Approach it with an open heart and a 
willingness for God to teach you. If you do that, 
youll never reach the bottom of the truth God has 
placed in his Word. 
   We also thank God continually because, 
when you received the word of God, which you 
heard from us, you accepted it not as a human 
word, but as it actually is, the word of God, 
which is indeed at work in you who believe (1 
Thessalonians 2:13 NIV). 
   Notice that the Bible claims to be the 
Word of God. That makes it different from every 
other book. Why? Because through prayer, you can 
talk to its Author and ask questions anytime you 
read it. 
   We have a lot of books in our house. And 
they all are good books. But only one book is the 
   Second Timothy 3:16-17 says, Every 
part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one 
way or another"showing us truth, exposing our 
rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live 
Gods way. Through the Word we are put together 
and shaped up for the tasks God has for us 
(The Message). 
   What does it mean for Scripture to be 
God-breathed? God used humans to write down the words of 
the Bible, but they came directly from him. That 
sets the Bible apart from every other book. 
   Those verses say the Word of God is good 
for four things. It shows you the truth, exposes 
your rebellion, corrects your mistakes, and 
teaches you to live Gods way. In other words, 
Gods Word shows you the path to walk on, when you 
have left the path, how to get back on the path, 
and how to stay on the path. 
   The Bible reminds you, too, that Gods 
Word will last: Heaven and earth will pass 
away, but my words will never pass away 
(Matthew 24:35 NIV). 
   When youre faced with questions of 
whats true or whats right in life, go to the 
Bible expecting to meet God there. Youll find 
its a book like no other. [Daily Devotional by 
Rick Warren: https://pastorrick.com/devotional/] 

Where Discernment Begins
   Have you ever been gripped with fear, 
anxiety, or panic? Thats when I go back to what 
the Bible says. I dont need pious platitudes. 
I dont need cute posts from Pinterest or 
nice sayings on Instagram. I need the Word of 
God. That is what will sustain me in times of 
difficulty, and that is what will sustain you. 
   Sometimes our emotions get the best of 
us. But as we know the Word of God, well 
apply discernment to everything we hear, including 
when people say theyre speaking for God. We 
evaluate everything according to Scripture. 
Everything we need to know about God is found in the 
pages of the Bible. 
   As 2 Timothy 3:16 says, All Scripture 
is inspired by God and is useful to teach us 
what is true and to make us realize what is wrong 
in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong 
and teaches us to do what is right (NLT). 
   God speaks to us through the Bible, and 
thats why we need to read it. Its also the 
reason we need to read the Bible every day and 
memorize it as well. God will never contradict what 
is written in Scripture. 
   I bring this up because Ive had people 
say crazy things to me and claim the Lord told 
them those things. I dont know who theyre 
listening to, but I know that God didnt say it, 
because I know the Word of God. So dont tell me 
the Lord told you to do something the Bible says 
you shouldnt do. 
   Maybe Gods will isnt making sense 
to you right now. Let me just say this: Never 
be afraid to commit an unknown future to a 
known God - a God who loves you, who is good, and 
who has a plan for you that is good. [Greg 
Laurie from Harvest Ministries; 


   Can we believe the Bible? How can we know 
it is anything more than a collection of 
sayings and stories? Can we truly believe that the 
Bible is the Word of God? 
   There are many reasons I believe in the 
Bible. Here are a few: 
   Composition. It was composed over sixteen 
centuries by forty authors with one central theme. 
Written by soldiers, shepherds, scholars, and 
fishermen. Begun by Moses in lonely Arabia, finished by 
John on lonely Patmos. Penned by kings in 
palaces, shepherds in tents, and inmates in prisons. 
   Forty writers, most unknown to each 
other, writing in different countries and three 
different languages, separated by three times the 
number of centuries since Columbus discovered 
America - was it possible for these authors to 
produce a book of singular theme unless behind them 
there was one mind, one designer? The Bible is 
remarkable in composition. 
   Durability. It is the single most 
published book in history. The top seller for three 
hundred years. Translated into twelve hundred 
languages by an army of translators. Bibles have been 
burned by dictators and banished from courtrooms, 
but Gods Word continues. The death knell has 
tolled a hundred times, but each time the grave is 
opened, and Gods Word continues. The Bible is 
remarkable in durability. 
   Prophecy. The pages of your Bible contain 
more than three hundred fulfilled prophecies 
about the life of Christ. A substantial biography 
was written about Jesus five hundred years 
before he was born. Can you imagine if the same 
occurred today? Can you imagine if we found a book 
written in 1900 that prophesied two world wars, a 
depression, an atomic bomb, and the assassinations of 
John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King? What 
would we think of the book? Wouldnt we trust 
   Applicability. Paul says the Bible is 
useful for teaching, for showing people what is 
wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and 
for teaching how to live right (2 Tim. 3:16 
NCV). Apply the principles of stewardship to your 
budget, and see if you dont get out of debt. 
   Apply the principles of fidelity to your 
marriage, and see if you dont have a happier home. 
   Apply the principles of forgiveness to 
your relationships, and see if you arent more 
   Apply the principles of honesty at 
school, and see if you dont succeed. 
   Apply the Bible, and see if you dont 
agree - the Bible works. [Max Lucado Daily 
Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


2 Timothy 3:15-17 - How To Use The Sword.



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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