Psalm 62:8 - Trust in God at All Times Even When Waiting.

Psalm 62:8 (NIV) Trust in him at all times, 
O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God 
is our refuge. Selah 

Psalm 62:8 (GWT) Trust him at all times, you 
people. Pour out your hearts in his presence. God is 
our refuge. Selah 

Psalm 62:8 (JUB) Wait in him at all times; 
ye peoples, pour out your heart before him; God 
is our refuge. Selah. 

Psalm 62:8 (AMPC) Trust in, lean on, rely 
on, and have confidence in Him at all times, you 
people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is a 
refuge for us (a fortress and a high tower). Selah 
[pause, and calmly think of that]! 


Trust in God at All Times. It is not easy to 
wait "at all times; especially when you feel 
that God is not following your schedule. If your 
times are in His hands (Ps. 31:15), you will have 
perfect peace as you wait for Him to work (Isa. 
26:3). [Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by 
Warren Wiersbe re Psa. 62] mod. 


Trust in him at all times. 
   Faith is as much the rule of temporal as 
of spiritual life; we ought to have faith in 
God for our earthly affairs as well as for our 
heavenly business. It is only as we learn to trust in 
God for the supply of all our daily need that we 
shall live above the world. We are not to be idle, 
that would show we did not trust in God, who 
worketh hitherto, but in the devil, who is the 
father of idleness. We are not to be imprudent or 
rash; that were to trust chance, and not the 
living God, who is a God of economy and order. 
Acting in all prudence and uprightness, we are to 
rely simply and entirely upon the Lord at all 
   Let me commend to you a life of trust in 
God in temporal things. Trusting in God, you 
will not be compelled to mourn because you have 
used sinful means to grow rich. Serve God with 
integrity, and if you achieve no success, at least no 
sin will lie upon your conscience. Trusting God, 
you will not be guilty of self-contradiction. He 
who trusts in craft, sails this way to-day, and 
that way the next, like a vessel tossed about by 
the fickle wind; but he that trusteth in the 
Lord is like a vessel propelled by steam, she 
cuts through the waves, defies the wind, and 
makes one bright silvery straightforward track to 
her destined haven. Be you a man with living 
principles within; never bow to the varying customs of 
worldly wisdom. Walk in your path of integrity with 
steadfast steps, and show that you are invincibly 
strong in the strength which confidence in God 
alone can confer. Thus you will be delivered from 
anxious care, you will not be troubled with evil 
tidings, your heart will be fixed, trusting in the 
Lord. How pleasant to float along the stream of 
providence! There is no more blessed way of living than 
a life of dependence upon a covenant-keeping 
God. We have no care, for he careth for us; we 
have no troubles, because we cast our burdens 
upon the Lord. [Morning and Evening by Charles H. 


Intimate Friend
   This verse is an open invitation to be 
honest and deeply real with the Lord. It calls us 
to take our masks off and pour out our true 
thoughts and feelings to God, to be there before him 
telling it like it is, not how we think things 
should be. How freeing it is to realize that we can 
be totally honest with God and express our 
sadness or joy, our fears, our faults and 
weaknesses, our pain, desires and dreams, and to know 
that the contents of our hearts are really safe 
with God, our refuge. This verse also reminds us 
that although the specific patterns or formats 
for prayer are excellent principles for 
individual or corporate prayer times, we don't have to 
follow them in order for God to hear us, nor do we 
have to hide our negative emotions and attitudes 
just so we'll look good. God already knows all 
that we are feeling and struggling with, so we 
can come to him just as we are and pour out our 
hearts "at all times." He invites us in the midst 
of conflicts, stresses, responsibilities, and 
frustration to seek him as our closest confidante, our 
intimate friend. 
   Dear Father, How thankful I am for the 
confidence and security that you long to hear from me 
and to comfort me. You know and understand all 
the thoughts of my heart better than I do 
myself, and you invite me to pour out my heart to 
you now. And so I will  [Praying Through The 
Bible By Fuller re v. 8] mod. 

   Perhaps the greatest key to spiritual 
growth is spending time alone with the Lord. This 
means taking the time to speak with God about 
whatever is on your heart - and, even more 
importantly, allowing Him to speak to you. 
   In Psalm 62:5, King David wrote, "My 
soul, wait silently for God alone, for my 
expectation is from Him." Perhaps that is why David was 
known as a man after God's own heart. To win that 
kind of reputation, David first needed to know 
the mind and heart of God so that he might be 
and do what the Lord desired of him. David 
sought to know God. He frequently "inquired" of the 
Lord. He spent time in the Lord's presence, 
singing to the Lord from the depths of his heart. In 
2 Samuel 7:18 we read, "King David went in and 
sat before the LORD; and he said, 'Who am I, O 
Lord GOD? And what is my house, that You have 
brought me this far?" 
   What did it mean for David to sit before 
the Lord? It means that he spent time alone in 
the presence of the Lord, communicating with the 
Lord from the deepest part of his soul, asking 
questions of God, and listening quietly for the Lord's 
   Jesus frequently sought time apart with 
His heavenly Father. Time with the Father 
provided Him with a source of comfort and strength. 
Jesus also sought time alone with His disciples so 
that He might teach them and they might find 
spiritual refreshment (see Luke 9:10). 
   We are wise if we choose to spend time 
alone with God, in a place without distractions or 
interruptions, for a period sufficient for us to relax 
completely and focus our attention fully upon the Lord 
and His Word. We must be willing to wait in the 
Lord's presence until we receive God's directives 
or His words of comfort. 
   Why don't many of us desire to spend time 
alone with God? The foremost reason is that we 
don't feel sure of our relationship with God and, 
therefore, we feel afraid of God. However, as David 
admonished, "Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour 
out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for 
us" (Ps. 62:8). 
   But those who are born again spiritually 
have a Father-child relationship with the Lord. 
Our heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and 
deals with us tenderly and patiently. The more we 
learn what He's really like, the more we see Him 
as Jesus saw Him, the more we will long to 
spend time alone with Him - and the more we will 
know the fullness of His grace. [Life Principles 
SB By Charles Stanley re Psa. 62:5-8] 

Prayer is so much more than asking God to do 
what we want done.  Prayer is trusting Him 
enough, and in all situations and conditions of 
life, to do as this verse tells us to do and pour 
out our hearts to Him! Our hearts are often 
full: full of pain or anger; of bitterness or 
resentment; of fear and confusion.  How wonderful it 
would be to pour all of these out before Him who 
loves us and cares for us.  We can do this 
"pouring out" through prayer.  And we need to. When 
is the last time you did a heart-inventory?  
Did you find your heart full of anguish from 
some of the things listed above?  Why not stop 
right now and pour it all out before Him; then 
commit to doing it weekly, at least.  You can trust 
Him in this!  [In His Time Walk With Wisdom] 

As they grow, children find those safety 
nets - a blanket, a stuffed toy, a thumb to suck 
- that they need to help avoid the scary parts 
of life. Similarly, adults trying to avoid the 
things they dread may find themselves in a 
diversion addiction - movies, food, TV, music; or 
worse - gambling, drugs, affairs, pornography. God 
doesn't want His children to rely on such things to 
soothe the soul. Instead, He offers His arms as a 
safe haven from the trials of life. [The 365 
Daily Promise Bible By Barbour re Psa. 62:8] 

   My two-year-old granddaughter, Lilah, 
circled the living room, showing her finger to each 
one of us in turn. Beginning with her mommy and 
daddy, Lilah had six people look at her "owie. 
We each reacted by saying something like "Oh 
no! or "I'm sorry" and maybe offering a gentle 
kiss. It didn't matter that there was barely 
anything to see on the injured finger. She had bumped 
it, and we were all ready to express sympathy - 
just as we had done the other times she exhibited 
an owie during our visit. 
   As I watched Lilah go around the room, a 
thought came to me: She shares her hurts so freely 
because she knows she is loved. And then a second 
thought struck me: Am I that open with Jesus? I know 
without a shadow of a doubt that He loves me - He 
demonstrated that when He died on the cross. But do I 
believe that He is concerned about every single 
thing that concerns me? I have to admit that 
sometimes I hesitate to pray about something that 
hurts me because it seems trivial in light of 
others' more urgent needs. Or maybe it's an old 
wound that I feel like I should have "gotten over" 
by now. 
   Life gives each one of us plenty of 
owies; some of the most painful ones are not seen 
with human eyes. Hurtful words, unfair treatment, 
broken relationships, disappointment over the way 
our lives have turned out, grief caused by the 
loss of a loved one. Jesus wants us to freely 
come to Him with all our bumps, scrapes, and 
bruises, regardless of whether we think they're 
worthy of His attention. Because to Him, they all 
are. by Dianne Neal Matthews 
   Faith Step: What's causing you pain right 
now? Whether it's an old or new owie, take it to 
Jesus and let Him express His love and concern for 
you. [Mornings With Jesus 2019 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 

Praise in Troubled Times
   It is important that we thank, praise, 
and love God just as much in troubled times as 
we do in good times. It may be even more 
important to do it then. Anyone can be thankful and 
joyful when things are going their way because they 
have lots of good emotions to support them, but 
when times are tough, we have to bypass how we 
feel and praise God in spirit. 
   I finished three teaching sessions at a 
church this past weekend, and the next day I woke 
up with the stomach flu - not what I had 
planned, that is for sure. I decided to give God 
extra praise and thanksgiving and tell Him I loved 
Him even more than usual on that day. Most of 
the day, at different intervals, I spoke my 
gratitude out loud. I wasn't grateful for the stomach 
flu, but I had plenty to be grateful for in the 
midst of it. 
   One benefit was that I stayed in bed all 
day, and that is something I almost never do! The 
rest was probably good for me. It also stirred up 
compassion in me for other people who are sick, 
including a few people I know who are currently taking 
chemotherapy. I feel that if we can continue to praise God 
when things in our circumstances are not good, we 
are giving the highest kind of praise. 
   No matter what is going on in your life, 
make a decision to praise God, be thankful, and 
shower words of affection on Him. It will 
strengthen you as you go through the difficulty. 
   Father, You are good and I want to bless 
You at all times. Help me remember that I don't 
have to feel like being thankful in order to give 
thanks! Help me praise You even more in troubled 
times than in good ones. [My Time with God by 
Joyce Meyer] 

When You Lose the Feeling of Love, Choose 
the Action of Loving 
   What do you do with the feelings that 
come from disappointment in a relationship? You 
cant stuff them away, because they will just pop 
out somewhere else. 
   You need to trust God and tell him all 
your problems because he is your protection. 
   Tell him you are angry or disappointed or 
that you feel nothing. In those times when you 
feel nothing, when you feel like youve lost 
the love, go to God and tell him that - and then 
trust him. Hebrews 10:23 teaches us, We can 
trust God to do what he promised (NCV). And he 
promises to pour his love into our hearts. 
   Love is a feeling, but it is also an 
action. And when you lose the feeling to love 
someone, move forward with the action of loving them, 
and that will help you reclaim your feelings of 
love. Is this hypocritical? No, its being 
human. We all lose the feeling to love at sometime. 
It usually happens when we decide to live with 
a problem instead of talking it out or openly 
facing it. 
   Start by telling God your feelings about 
the problem. From there, he can begin to give 
you the strength to talk to your loved one about 
it. As you do this, God will begin to restore 
your feeling of love for that person. He does 
what Lamentations 5:21says: Turn us around and 
bring us back to you again! That is our only hope! 
Give us back the joys we used to have! (TLB). 
   That is my prayer for you. Whether you 
are a husband or a wife who needs to let go of a 
disappointment or misunderstanding or if you need to accept 
the differences you have with a close friend - I 
pray that God will begin to bring back your joy. 
But its a process, and it begins when you 
decide to trust God and tell him your feelings. By 
Tom Holladay [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 


   I am the God of all time and all that is. 
Seek Me not only in morning quietness but 
consistently throughout the day. Do not let unexpected 
problems distract you from My Presence. Instead, talk 
with Me about everything, and watch confidently 
to see what I will do.  
   Adversity need not interrupt your 
communion with Me. When things go "wrong," you tend to 
react as if you're being punished. Instead of this 
negative response, try to view difficulties as 
blessings in disguise. Make Me your Refuge by pouring 
out your heart to Me, trusting in Me at all 
times. (Psa. 55:17; 32:6; 62:8) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   I am the culmination of all your hopes 
and desires. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the 
first and the last: who is and was and is to come. 
Before you knew Me, you expressed your longing for 
Me in hurtful ways. You were ever so vulnerable 
to the evil around you in the world. But now My 
Presence safely shields you, enfolding you in My 
loving arms. I have lifted you out of darkness into 
My marvelous Light.  
   Though I have brought many pleasures into 
your life, not one of them is essential. Receive 
My blessings with open hands. Enjoy My good 
gifts, but do not cling to them. Turn your 
attention to the Giver of all good things, and rest in 
the knowledge that you are complete in Me. The 
one thing you absolutely need is the one thing 
you can never lose: My Presence with you. (Psa, 
62:5-8; Rev. 1:8; 1Pe. 2:9; Jam. 1:17) [Jesus 
Calling by Sarah Young] 

   I am pleased with you, My child. Allow 
yourself to become fully aware of My pleasure shining 
upon you. You don't have to perform well in order 
to receive My Love. In fact, a performance 
focus will pull you away from Me, toward some sort 
of Pharisaism. This can be a subtle form of 
idolatry: worshiping your own good works. It can also 
be a source of deep discouragement when your 
works don't measure up to your expectations.  
   Shift your focus from your performance to 
My radiant Presence. The Light of My Love 
shines on you continually, regardless of your 
feelings or behavior. Your responsibility is to be 
receptive to this unconditional Love. Thankfulness and 
trust are your primary receptors. Thank Me in 
everything; trust in Me at all times. These simple 
disciplines will keep you open to My loving Presence. 
(Eph. 2:8, 9; 3:16-19; Psa. 62:8) [Jesus Calling 
by Sarah Young] mod 

   Trust Me with every fiber of your being! 
What I can accomplish in and through you is 
proportional to how much you depend on Me. One aspect of 
this is the degree to which you trust Me in a 
crisis or major decision. Some people fail 
miserably here, while others are at their best in 
tough times. Another aspect is even more telling: 
the constancy of your trust in Me. People who 
rely on Me in the midst of adversity may forget 
about Me when life is flowing smoothly. Difficult 
times can jolt you into awareness of your need for 
Me, whereas smooth sailing can lull you into the 
stupor of self-sufficiency. 
   I care as much about your tiny 
trust-steps through daily life as about your dramatic 
leaps of faith. You may think that no one notices, 
but the One who is always beside you sees 
everything ~ and rejoices. Consistently trusting in Me 
is vital to flourishing in My Presence. (Psa. 
40:4; 56:3, 4; 62:8; Isa. 26:3) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   Trust Me moment by moment. This is all I 
require of you, and it is sufficient to keep you 
standing firm in the midst of fierce spiritual 
battles. Just getting through each day is a victory 
as long as you stay in communication with Me. 
Search for Me in your moments. Keeping your focus 
on My Presence is the best protection against 
self-pity and depression.  
   I am calling you to trust Me in deep 
darkness. Take one step at a time, clinging to My hand 
for help and guidance. I am always near you, and 
I know exactly how much you are struggling.  
   Though the battle is fierce and you are 
weak, your resources are unlimited. My Spirit is 
ever ready to help you; you have only to ask. 
Remember that this Holy Helper is infinitely powerful 
and infinitely loving. I also am eager to help 
you. Call upon My Name with confident trust, for 
My unfailing Love surrounds you. (Psa. 62:8; 
John 14:16, 17; Psa. 32:10) [Jesus Today by Sarah 

   Trust in Me at all times. Pour out your 
heart to Me, for I am your refuge. The more you 
rely on Me, the more effectively I can help you. 
Trusting Me is appropriate for all circumstances: 
joyful and sorrowful, peaceful and stressful. In 
fact, things that cause you stress can serve as 
reminders to seek My Face. I want you to remember that 
I am with you, taking care of you, even when 
life hurts. Talk with Me about your troubles and 
leave them with Me. Then rest in My Presence while 
I go to work on your behalf.  
   Tell yourself the truth about Me. Use 
words of Scripture to describe Me: "You are my 
refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." I 
am indeed a refuge - a safe place to find 
shelter in the storms of life. Speaking or singing 
such truths is an effective way to draw near Me. 
Your mind usually has several thoughts or 
thought-fragments passing through it at once. Instead of just 
thinking about Me, speak out loud; this gives focus 
to your thoughts - and to your trust in Me. 
(Psa. 62:8; 1Ch. 16:11; 1Pe. 5:7; Psa. 91:2) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   I want you to trust Me enough to relax 
and enjoy My Presence. I did not design you to 
live in a state of hyper-vigilance - feeling and 
acting as if you are constantly in the midst of an 
emergency. Your body is wonderfully crafted to "gear 
up" when necessary and then to "gear down" when 
the crisis is over. But because you live in such 
a broken world, you find it difficult to let 
down your guard and relax. I want you to remember 
that I am with you all the time and that I am 
totally worthy of your confidence. Pour out your 
heart to Me, committing all the things that are 
troubling you into My sovereign care. 
   The more you lean on Me, the more fully 
you can enjoy My Presence. As you relax in My 
healing Light, I shine Peace into your mind and 
heart. Your awareness of My Presence with you grows 
stronger, and My unfailing Love soaks into your inner 
being. Trust in Me, beloved, with all your heart 
and mind. (Psa. 62:8; 52:8; Pro. 3:5) [Jesus 
Always by Sarah Young] 

   Let My consolation - My comfort - bring 
Joy to your soul. When anxiety is welling up 
within you, come to Me and pour out your heart. 
Then sit quietly in My Presence while I comfort 
you, helping you see things from My perspective. 
I remind you of your heavenly destination, for 
you are indeed on your way to Glory! I infuse My 
Joy and Peace into your heart, mind, and soul.  
   When you are joyful, this changes the way 
you view the world around you. Even though you 
see much darkness, you can also see the Light of 
My Presence continuing to shine. Moreover, the 
Joy in your soul gives you buoyancy, enabling 
you to rise above the countless problems in your 
life. Once you have gained this perspective, you 
will discover that you can comfort others in the 
midst of their troubles. They will find in you the 
consolation that you have found in Me. Thus your Joy 
becomes contagious, "infecting" those around you 
with Joy in their souls! (Psa. 94:19; 62:8; 2Co. 
1:3, 4) [Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   Do what you can, and leave the rest to 
Me. When you're embroiled in a difficult 
situation, pour out your heart to Me, knowing that I 
listen and I care. Rely on Me, your ever-present 
Help in trouble. Refuse to let your problem 
become your main focus, no matter how anxious you 
are to solve it. When you've done all you can 
for the time being, the best thing is simply to 
wait - finding refreshment in My Presence. Don't 
fall for the lie that you can't enjoy life until 
the problem has been resolved. In the world you 
have trouble, but in Me you may have Peace - even 
in the midst of the mess!  
   Your relationship with Me is 
collaborative: you and I working together. Look to Me for 
help and guidance, doing whatever you can and 
trusting Me to do what you cannot do. Instead of 
trying to force things to a premature conclusion, 
relax and ask Me to show you the way you should go 
- in My liming. Hold My hand in confident 
trust, beloved, and enjoy the journey in My 
Presence. (Psa. 62:8; 46:1; John 16:33; Psa. 143:8) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   Do not worry about tomorrow! This is not 
a suggestion, but a command. I divided time 
into days and nights, so that you would have 
manageable portions of life to handle. My grace is 
sufficient for you. but its sufficiency is for only one 
day at a time. When you worry about the future, 
you heap day upon day of troubles onto your 
flimsy frame. You stagger under this heavy load, 
which I never intended you to carry.  
   Throw off this oppressive burden with one 
quick thrust of trust. Anxious thoughts meander 
about and crisscross in your brain, but trusting 
Me brings you directly into My Presence. As you 
thus affirm your faith, shackles of worry fall 
off instantly. Enjoy My Presence continually by 
trusting Me at all times. (Mat. 6:34; 2Co. 12:9; Psa. 
62:8) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Trusting Over And Over
   No matter how well we're doing with our 
goals, we have good reason to go to God to pour out 
our hearts to him. Brennan Manning said, "My 
trust in God flows out of the experience of his 
loving me, day in and day out, whether the day is 
stormy or fair, whether I'm sick or in good health, 
whether I'm in a state of grace or disgrace. He 
comes to me where I live and loves me as I am." 
   This is the great news: God loves us 
right where we are, and he's utterly patient with 
the progress we've made, no matter how small our 
steps look to us. He's like a good parent thrilled 
with the first steps of an infant. The child 
completely trusts the parent to hold him up when he 
wobbles. There is no doubt in his mind that his 
parent will respond with help and with delight. God 
is just like that.  
   God is our refuge, loving us as we are 
and comforting us when we need it. [The Daniel 
Plan 365-Day Devotional] mod. 

God Alone Knows Our Future
   The longer we walk with the Lord, the 
more we realize that we really don't know what 
each new day may bring. A phone call can come in 
the middle of the night shattering our joy. 
Suddenly everything changes. It's amazing what a 
knock at the door can bring or what the opening of 
a letter can do. 
   I don't say these things to conjure up 
fear in our hearts, but simply to remind us that 
God alone knows our future. And there's no 
safer, no better, no more rewarding place to be 
than in the nucleus of His will, regardless of 
where that may be. 
   We are only finite human beings. We can 
only see the present and the past. The future is 
a little frightening to us. So we need to hold 
on to His hand and trust Him to calm our fears. 
And at those times when we're stubborn and 
resisting and God shakes us by the shoulders to get 
our attention, we're reminded that we don't call 
the shots, God has a plan for us, mysterious 
though it may seem, and we want to be in the center 
of it. 
   All the risks notwithstanding, the center 
of His will is still the safest place on earth 
to be. 
   There's no more rewarding place to be 
than in the nucleus of Gods will, regardless 
of where that may be. [Chuck Swindoll 


Psalm 62:5-6 - The Blessings Of Pray And 
Waiting Upon The LORD. 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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