John 3:16 - LOVE SUPREME!

John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, 
that he gave his only begotten Son, that 
whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have 
everlasting life. 


The Symbol of Christianity
   The cross is the universal symbol of 
Christianity.  An odd choice, dont you think?  Strange 
that a tool of torture would come to embody a 
movement of hope. Its design couldnt be simpler. 
One beam horizontal - the other vertical. One 
reaches out like Gods love. The other reaches up, 
as does Gods holiness. One represents the 
width of His love; the other the height of His 
holiness. The cross is the intersection. The cross is 
where God forgave His children without lowering 
His standards. God treated His Son as a sinner, 
so that Christ could make us acceptable to God. 
Why would He do it? 
   John 3:16 says, For God so loved the 
world. Arent you glad the verse doesnt read:  
For God so loved the rich?  the famous? Or 
the sober or successful? No, it simply reads: 
For God so loved the world! [Max Lucado Daily 
Devotional at maxlucado.com] 

Jesus Has Been Here
   My dad, a man of few words, told my 
brother and me, Boys, Christmas is about 
Jesus. In one of those bedtime, book-time moments, 
somewhere between the fairy tales and the monkey with 
the lunch pail, I thought about what Dad had 
said. And I began asking the Christmas questions, 
and Ive been asking them ever since. 
   God knows what its like to be a human, 
and when we talk to him about deadlines or tough 
times he understands. Hes been there. Hes 
been here. Because of Bethlehem, we have a friend 
in Jesus. Christmas begins what Easter 
celebrates. The child in the cradle became the King on 
the cross. And he doesnt tell us, Clean up 
before you come in. He offers, Come in and 
Ill clean you up. Its not our grip on him 
that matters, but his grip on us. And his grip is 
sure. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 


Responding to God's Love
   God has to be true to Himself. People are 
foolish to entertain the hope that He will ignore 
justice and sacrifice holiness in order to allow 
unbelievers into heaven. Living a mostly moral life will 
not satisfy a righteous Judge. 
   As much as the Lord loves us and desires 
to save us from our sins, He cannot deny His 
holiness by accepting sin in His presence. The Father 
is pristine perfection - a holy Being who, by 
His very nature, must condemn all sin. 
Therefore, it is the height of egotism to think that 
God will bend both His law and His nature to 
welcome one whom still bears the stain of 
   There is not one person who's good enough 
to enter heaven on his or her own merit. Every 
one of us needs Jesus. The stain of sin is 
washed clean only by the sacrifice of God's holy 
and blameless Son. Those who believe in Christ 
are forgiven their wrongs and cloaked in His 
righteousness (2 Cor. 5:21). 
   Let me make it very clear that trusting 
Jesus is far more than giving intellectual assent 
to His existence - that's something even the 
Devil acknowledges. A true believer enters into a 
relationship with the One who loves his soul enough to 
save him from eternal punishment. 
   Those who remain tightly wrapped in their 
mantle of sin cannot hope to sneak into heaven. 
God's holy nature demands perfection, and since we 
can't provide this for ourselves, the Lord has 
given it to all who believe in Him. He has 
exchanged our filthy rags for a cloak of righteousness 
(Zech. 3:4). [In Touch Daily Devotional by Charles 
Stanley at www.intouch.org] 


God Made You to Love You
   God loves you so much that he sent Jesus 
on a mission of love with a message of love. 
The Bible doesnt say God has love; it says 
God is love. Love is his nature; God is love.   
   God created the entire universe. He 
created this planet, and he created the human race. 
Then he created you because he loves you. 
   God made you so he could love you and so 
that you could love him. Gods love for you is 
the reason your hearts beating right now; 
its the reason youre breathing.   
   Gods good news is that he loves you on 
your bad days just as much as he loves you on 
your good days. He loves you when you can feel 
his love, and he loves you when you cant seem 
to feel his love. He loves you regardless of 
whether or not you think you deserve his love. 
   There is nothing you can do that will 
make God stop loving you. You could try, but you 
simply cant do it - because his love for you is 
based upon his character and not on anything you 
do, say, or feel. 
   God loves you so much that he sent his 
only Son, Jesus, into this world, so that 
everyone who believes in him will not perish but have 
eternal life (John 3:16 NLT). 
   When Jesus stretched his arms out as wide 
as the cross, he was saying, I love you this 
much! I love you so much it hurts. I love you so 
much Ill die for you so that I wont have to 
live without you.   
   Ephesians 3 says Gods love is so wide, 
long, high, and deep that humans cant fully 
understand it. As you go about your day today, know 
that God is loving you at every moment, no matter 
what. [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 


He Did it Just for You
   When God entered time and became a man, 
he who was boundless became bound. Imprisoned 
in flesh. Restricted by weary-prone muscles and 
eyelids. For more than three decades, his once 
limitless reach would be limited to the stretch of an 
arm, his speed checked to the pace of human 
   I wonder, was he ever tempted to reclaim 
his boundlessness? In the middle of a long trip, 
did he ever consider transporting himself to the 
next city? When the rain chilled his bones, was 
he tempted to change the weather? When the heat 
parched his lips, did he give thought to popping 
over to the Caribbean for some refreshment? 
   If ever he entertained such thoughts, he 
never gave in to them. Not once. Stop and think 
about this. Not once did Christ use his 
supernatural powers for personal comfort. With one word 
he couldve transformed the hard earth into a 
soft bed, but he didnt. With a wave of his 
hand, he couldve boomeranged the spit of his 
accusers back into their faces, but he didnt. With 
an arch of his brow, he couldve paralyzed 
the hand of the soldier as he braided the crown 
of thorns. But he didnt. 
   Want to know the coolest thing about the 
   Not that he, in an instant, went from 
needing nothing to needing air, food, a tub of hot 
water and salts for his tired feet, and, more than 
anything, needing somebody " anybody - who was more 
concerned about where he would spend eternity than 
where he would spend Fridays paycheck. 
   Not that he kept his cool while the dozen 
best friends he ever had felt the heat and got 
out of the kitchen. Or that he gave no command 
to the angels who begged, Just give the nod, 
Lord. One word and these demons will be deviled 
   Not that he refused to defend himself 
when blamed for every sin since Adam. Or that he 
stood silent as a million guilty verdicts echoed 
in the tribunal of heaven and the giver of 
light was left in the chill of a sinners 
   Not even that after three days in a dark 
hole he stepped into the Easter sunrise with a 
smile and a swagger and a question for lowly 
Lucifer - Is that your best punch? 
   That was cool, incredibly cool.
   But want to know the coolest thing about 
the One who gave up the crown of heaven for a 
crown of thorns? 
   He did it for you. Just for you. [Max 
Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 

You Are Included
   Its nice to be included. You arent 
always. Universities exclude you if you arent 
smart enough. Businesses exclude you if you 
arent qualified enough, and sadly, some churches 
exclude you if you arent good enough. But though 
they may exclude you, Christ includes you. When 
asked to describe the width of His love, He 
stretched one hand to the right and the other hand to 
the left and had them nailed in that position so 
you would know He died loving you. 
   Surely there has to be a limit to this 
love. Youd think so, wouldnt you? But David, 
the adulterer, never found it. Paul, the 
murderer, never found it. Peter, the liar, never found 
it. When it came to life they hit bottom. But 
when it came to Gods love they never did. 
   How wide is Gods love?  Wide enough 
for the whole world. And you are included! [Max 
Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 

Look at What You Have
   Linger too long in the stench of your 
hurt, and youll smell like the toxin you 
despise. I spent too much of a summer sludging 
through sludge. Oil field work is dirty at best. But 
the dirtiest job of all? Shoveling silt out of 
empty oil tanks. The foreman saved such jobs for 
the summer help. Thanks boss!  My mom burned my 
work clothes. The stink stuck! 
   Your hurts can do the same. The better 
option? Look at what you have. Your hurts and pain 
took much, but Christ gave you more! Catalog His 
kindnesses. Everything from sunsets to salvation - look 
at what you have. 
   Let Jesus be the friend you need. Talk to 
Him. Spare no detail. Disclose your fear and 
describe your dread. Will your hurt disappear? Who 
knows? And in a sense, does it matter? You have a 
friend for life. What could be better than that? 
[Max Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 


The great physicist and mathematician Albert 
Einstein said, I am a Jew, but I am enthralled by the 
luminous figure of the Nazarene... No one can read 
the Gospels without feeling the actual presence 
of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every 
word. No myth is filled with such life. 

The Only One and Only
   Two of our three daughters were born in 
the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We 
lived in the North Zone, separated from our 
doctors office and hospital by a tunnel-pierced 
mountain range. During Denalyns many months of 
pregnancy, we made the drive often. 
   We didnt complain. Signs of life do a 
samba on every street corner. Copacabana and her 
bathers. Ipanema and her coffee bars. Gavea and her 
glamour. We never begrudged the South Zone forays. 
But they sure did bewilder me. I kept getting 
lost. Im directionally challenged anyway, prone 
to take a wrong turn between the bedroom and 
the bathroom. Complicate my disorientation with 
randomly mapped three-hundred-year-old streets, and I 
dont stand a chance. 
   I had one salvation. Jesus. Literally, 
Jesus. The Christ the Redeemer statue. The figure 
stands guard over the city, one hundred twenty-five 
feet tall with an arm span of nearly a hundred 
feet. More than a thousand tons of reinforced 
steel. The head alone measures ten feet from chin 
to scalp. Perched a mile and a half above sea 
level on Corcovado Mountain, the elevated Jesus is 
always visible. Especially to those who are looking 
for it. Since I was often lost, I was often 
looking. As a sailor seeks land, I searched for the 
statue, peering between the phone lines and rooftops 
for the familiar face. Find him and find my 
   John 3:16 offers you an identical 
promise. The verse elevates Christ to thin-air 
loftiness, crowning him with the most regal of titles: 
One and Only Son. 
   Do what I did in Rio. Seek him out. Lift 
up your eyes, and set your sights on Jesus. No 
passing glances or occasional glimpses. Enroll in 
his school. Make him your polestar, your point 
of reference. Search the crowded streets and 
shadow-casting roofs until you spot his face, and then set 
your sights on him. 
   Youll find more than a hospital.
   Youll find the Only One and Only. [Max 
Lucado Daily Devotional at maxlucado.com] 

The Ultimate Sacrifice
   I heard a true story about a man who 
operated a drawbridge. At a certain time every 
afternoon, he raised the bridge for a ferryboat to go 
by and then lowered it in time for a passenger 
train to cross over. He performed this task 
precisely, according to the clock. 
   One day he brought his son to work so he 
could watch. As his father raised the bridge, the 
boy got excited and wanted to take a closer 
look. His father realized his son was missing and 
began looking for him. To his horror, his son had 
come dangerously close to the bridge's gears. 
Frantic, he wanted to go rescue him, but if he left 
the controls, he would not be back in time to 
lower the bridge for the approaching passenger 
   He faced a dilemma. If he lowered the 
bridge, his son would be killed. If he left it 
raised, hundreds of others would die. He knew what 
he had to do. With tears streaming down his 
face, he watched the passenger train roll by. On 
board, two women chatted over tea. Others were 
reading newspapers. All were totally unaware of what 
had just transpired. The man cried out, "Don't 
you realize that I just gave my son for you?" 
But they just continued on their way. 
   This story is a picture of what happened 
at the cross. God gave up His beloved Son so 
that we might live. But most people don't give it 
a second thought. How about you? Are you 
conscious of the ultimate sacrifice God made on your 
behalf? Will you be sure to thank Him? [Every Day 
with Jesus by Greg Laurie] 


John 3:16 - The Love of God.



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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