Ephesians 3:20 - Now Unto Him Who Is Able!

Ephesians 3:20 (KJV) Now unto him that is 
able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we 
ask or think, according to the power that 
worketh in us, 

Ephesians 3:20 (MSG) God can do anything, 
you know - far more than you could ever imagine 
or guess or request in your wildest dreams! 

Ephesians 3:20 (TLB) Now glory be to God, 
who by his mighty power at work within us is 
able to do far more than we would ever dare to 
ask or even dream of--infinitely beyond our 
highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes. 


Jesus sees the end from the beginning. In 
every difficulty He has His way prepared to bring 
relief. Our Heavenly Father has a thousand ways to 
provide for us, of which we know nothing. Those who 
accept the one principle of making the service and 
honor of God supreme, will find perplexities 
vanish, and a plain path before their feet.  DA330 


   My husband and I enjoy biking, and we 
regularly bike up a quiet road winding through a 
canyon near our home. One day we found a rock 
outcropping with a litter of baby foxes romping around. 
We biked down. I grabbed my camera and rode up 
to the spot. I took some photos and, just for 
fun, put one of my photos on a website that 
offers free high-resolution photos for anyone's use 
for blogs, brochures, screen savers, etc. 
   The following year I kept getting emails 
from this website, and I promptly deleted them, 
assuming it was spam. Finally, I decided to open one 
of the emails and found it was information 
about how many views and downloads this photo had 
received - more than 3 million! I was shocked; I 
never imagined that could happen. 
   This fox photo - gaining views and 
downloads without me doing anything - reminded me of 
Jesus's ability to do so much more than we ask or 
imagine. It's my tendency to fret over details such 
as where we'll live, what's my next project, 
and who (or it) my children will marry. But 
Jesus encourages us not to worry and just trust 
   I still have my fox photo on the website 
and framed on my desk, because it reminds me God 
is at work in ways I don't see or imagine. This 
inspires me to stop fretting, trust Him, and watch 
for Him to do the immeasurable. When I do this, 
I find I'm continually and delightfully 
surprised. Jeannie Blackmer 
   Faith Step: Do you have faith to believe 
that God can do the impossible? If not, why? 
Journal your response and then talk to Jesus about 
this. [Mornings With Jesus 2021 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 

   Someone recently mentioned what a 
blessing my abundant imagination must be - and I had 
to think about that. It had made life more 
pleasant growing up, since I could entertain myself 
while working long, hot days in the cotton fields. 
It came in handy for writing assignments in 
school and, later, for a granddaughter always 
hungry for a story. But an overactive imagination 
can seem like a curse on a dark night in an 
empty house. Or when a loved one is late and not 
answering the phone. Or while watching the news. 
   What I don't fully understand is why it's 
so easy for my imagination to get carried away 
with dark, scary thoughts, but not so much when 
it comes to potentially joy-filled things to 
happen. Why is it harder to picture a relationship 
as healthy and thriving than as broken and 
hopeless? To envision myself succeeding at my 
God-given dreams instead of failing? To expect the 
best rather than brace for the worst-possible 
scenario? And the most important question: What does 
this tendency say to the One Who gave His life 
for me? 
   You don't have to be a full-fledged 
pessimist to struggle with moments of seeing the glass 
as half-empty. But the Bible teaches that Jesus 
made it possible to live a joy-filled, abundant 
life despite the pain that comes with this 
earthly life. So if my imagination runs wild, it 
should be focused on how God will work out 
everything in my life for good - which, according to 
Ephesians 3:20, is better than anything I could ever 
imagine. by Dianne Neal Matthews 
   What situation in your life tempts you to 
lapse into pessimistic thinking? Imagine yourself 
handing that circumstance, problem, or relationship 
over to Jesus and trusting Him to handle it. 
[Mornings With Jesus 2019 Devotional by Guideposts and 


   I am able to do immeasurably more than 
all you ask or imagine. So think big when you 
pray, but remember that I always think bigger! I 
am continually at work in your life, even when 
you can see nothing happening. It's easy for you 
to feel stuck in a situation you'd like to 
change because you can see only the present moment. 
But I look at the big picture - all the moments 
of your life - and I am doing more than you can 
   Try to stay in communication with Me as 
you go through this day. You can talk with Me 
about anything because I understand you perfectly. 
The easiest way to keep in touch is to begin 
each day with Me - bringing Me your praises and 
requests. Then, as you get into your activities, it's 
more natural to continue talking with Me.  
   The longer you wait to start 
communicating with Me, the more effort it will take. So 
come to Me early, before you get too far into 
your day. You may think you cannot spare the time 
for this, but remember that you don't handle 
things alone. You work collaboratively with the One 
who can do far more than you ask or imagine. 
(Eph. 3:20; Psa. 93:1, 2; 5:3) [Jesus Today by 
Sarah Young] 

   I am able to do far beyond all that you 
ask or imagine. Come to Me with positive 
expectations, knowing that there is no limit to what I can 
accomplish. Ask My Spirit to control your mind, so that 
you can think great thoughts of Me. Do not be 
discouraged by the fact that many of your prayers are 
yet unanswered. Time is a trainer, teaching you 
to wait upon Me, to trust Me in the dark. The 
more extreme your circumstances, the more likely 
you are to see My Power and Glory at work in the 
situation. Instead of letting difficulties draw you 
into worrying, try to view them as setting the 
scene for My glorious intervention. Keep your eyes 
and your mind wide open to all that I am doing 
in your life. 
   Now to him who is able to do immeasurably 
more than all we ask or imagine, according to his 
power that is at work within us, to him be glory 
in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout 
all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Rom. 
8:6; Isa. 40:30-31; Rev. 5:13) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   Anxiety is a result of envisioning the 
future without Me. So the best defense against 
worry is staying in communication with Me. When 
you turn your thoughts toward Me, you can think 
much more positively. Remember to listen, as well 
as to speak, making your thoughts a dialogue 
with Me.  
   If you must consider upcoming events, 
follow these rules: 1) Do not linger in the future 
because anxieties sprout up like mushrooms when you 
wander there. 2) Remember the promise of My 
continual presence; include Me in any imagery that 
comes to mind. This mental discipline doesnt 
come easily because you are accustomed to being 
god of your fantasies. However, the reality of 
My presence with you, now and forevermore, 
outshines any fantasy you could ever imagine. (Luke 
12:22-26; Eph. 3:20, 21) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   Come to Me with all your weaknesses: 
physical, emotional, and spiritual. Rest in the 
comfort of My Presence, remembering that nothing is 
impossible with Me.  
   Pry your mind away from your problems so 
you can focus your attention on Me. Recall that 
I am able to do immeasurably more than all you 
ask or imagine. Instead of trying to direct Me 
to do this and that, seek to attune yourself to 
what I am already doing.  
   When anxiety attempts to wedge its way 
into your thoughts, remind yourself that I am 
your Shepherd. The bottom line is that I am 
taking care of you; therefore, you needn't be 
afraid of anything. Rather than trying to maintain 
control over your life, abandon yourself to My will. 
Though this may feel frightening - even dangerous, 
the safest place to be is in My will. (Luke 
1:37; Eph. 3:20-21; Psa. 23:1-4) [Jesus Calling by 
Sarah Young] 

   In Me you have everything. In Me you are 
complete. Your capacity to experience Me is 
increasing, through My removal of debris and clutter 
from your heart. As your yearning for Me 
increases, other desires are gradually lessening. Since 
I am infinite and abundantly accessible to 
you, desiring Me above all else is the best way 
to live. 
   It is impossible for you to have a need 
that I cannot meet. After all, I created you and 
everything that is. The world is still at My beck and 
call, though it often appears otherwise. Do not be 
fooled by appearances. Things that are visible are 
brief and fleeting, while things that are 
invisible are everlasting. (Eph. 3:20; 2 Co. 4:18) 
[Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


We must not only pray in Christ's name, but 
by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This 
explains what is meant when it is said that the 
Spirit "maketh intercession for us, with groanings 
which cannot be uttered." Rom. 8:26. Such prayer 
God delights to answer. COL147 


Ephesians 3:20 - Now To Him Who Is Able!



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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