Luke 12:34 - Where Is Your Treasure?

Luke 12:34 (NIV) For where your treasure is, 
there your heart will be also. 


All Those Idols
   Idols take many forms.
   A church building can become an idol to 
us, when all the while it is simply a place to 
meet and worship our Lord - nothing more. Your 
child can become your idol. In subtle ways you can 
so adore that little one that your whole life 
revolves around that precious gem. Your mate or date 
can be given first place in your life and 
literally idolized. Your work can easily become your 
god. So can any pursuit in life. A house, a lawn, 
an antique, a car, a letter in sports, an 
education, a trip abroad, an achievement, and even that 
goal of retirement can so grip your heart 
that it becomes the object of all your 
   Theres nothing necessarily wrong with 
any of these good things. To possess them is not 
sinful. But it is sinful when they possess us! 
Therein lies the difference. Its that sort of 
thing that turns a golden dream into a hollow 
chunk of bronze. 
   Can you testify to the fact that youve 
destroyed the idols? Can you say you are free from 
bronze anchors? That Christ reigns without a rival? 
Or would you have to admit to a personal shrine 
in your inner temple where you privately burn 
incense? Here is the plain truth: 
   Wherever your treasure is, there the 
desires of your heart will also be. Luke 12:34 
   I love the simplicity of that statement. 
Our Lords words help sort out our priorities 
and focus our affections on things eternal. 
   Your Lord and Savior wants to occupy 
first place. Jesus says if He has it, everything 
else will be added to you (Luke 12:31, 
ESV). How long has it been since youve enlisted 
His help in a private, personal temple-cleansing 
session? Its so easy to get attached to idols - 
good things, inappropriately adored. But when you 
have Jesus in the center of the room, everything 
else only junks up the decor. 
   Christ is also the head of the church, 
which is his body, wrote Paul, and He is the 
beginning, supreme over all who rise from the dead. So 
he is first in everything (Colossians 
   Did you get that? He holds first place in 
   Everything. [Chuck Swindoll 


   What you value most is your treasure. 
Where you spend your time and your money is your 
treasure. Whatever dominates your conversation is what 
you treasure. What others know you for is a good 
indication of what your treasure is.  
   Most Christians are quick to claim that 
God is their first priority. Yet often their 
actions reveal that their treasure is not God but 
things of this world. Some Christians find it 
difficult to discuss their relationship with God, but 
they can chatter easily about their family, 
friends, or hobbies. Some find it impossible to rise 
early in order to spend time with God, but they 
willingly get up at dawn to pursue a hobby. Some find 
it difficult to give an offering to God but 
readily spend lavishly on recreation. Some boldly 
approach strangers to sell a product, yet they are 
painfully timid in telling others about their Savior. 
Some give hundreds of hours to serve in volunteer 
organizations but feel they have no time available to 
serve God.  
   If you are unsure of where your treasure 
is, examine where you spend your available time 
and money. Reflect on what it is you most enjoy 
thinking about and discussing. Ask your friends to 
tell you what they think is most important to 
you. Ask your children to list the things most 
valuable to you. It may surprise you to know what 
others consider to be your treasure. [Experiencing 
God Day by Day by Henry and Richard Blackaby re 
Luke 12:34] 

"Bend all your life to obeying God's will 
and rest content with that. So many people give 
all their effort to heap up things which in 
their very nature cannot last. Work for the things 
which last forever, things which you need not 
leave behind when you leave this earth, but which 
you can take with you." [Barclay Commentary] 

True wealth is possessing a relationship 
with the King. Seeking the kingdom of God means 
making Jesus the Lord and King of your life. He 
must control every area - your work, play, plans, 
relationships, etc. Is the kingdom only one of your many 
concerns, or is it central to all you do? Are you 
holding back any areas of your life from Gods 
control? As Lord and Creator, he wants to help 
provide what you need as well as guide how you use 
what he provides. [Life Application SB] 

True wealth is the opposite of the wealth 
that the world values. Jesus says that the good 
life has nothing to do with being wealthy, so be 
on guard against greed (desire for what we 
dont have). This is the exact opposite of what 
society usually says. Advertisers spend millions of 
dollars to entice us to think that if we buy more 
and more of their products, we will be happier, 
more fulfilled, more comfortable. How do you 
respond to the constant pressure to buy? Learn to 
tune out expensive enticements and concentrate 
instead on the truly good life - living in a 
relationship with God and doing his work. [Life 
Application SB] 

True wealth is part of heaven - earthly 
wealth is not. The rich man in Jesus story died 
before he could begin to use what was stored in his 
big barns. Planning for retirement - preparing 
for life before death - is wise, but neglecting 
life after death is disastrous. If you accumulate 
wealth only to enrich yourself, with no concern for 
helping others, you will enter eternity 
empty-handed. [Life Application SB] 

True wealth is measured in part by how we 
use material wealth to benefit others. Money 
seen as an end in itself quickly traps us and 
cuts us off from both God and the needy. The key 
to using money wisely is to see how much we can 
use for Gods purposes, not how much we can 
accumulate for ourselves. Does Gods love touch your 
wallet? Does your money free you to help others? If 
so, you are storing up lasting treasures in 
heaven. If your financial goals and possessions 
hinder you from giving generously, loving others, 
or serving God, sell what you must to bring 
your life into perspective. [Life Application 


Matthew 6:19-21 - Where Your Treasure Is, 
There Your Heart Will Be Also. 


Luke 12:31 - Making God First And Last And 
Best In Everything! 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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