2 Corinthians 1:20 - The Promises of God Are Yes in Christ.

2 Corinthians 1:20 (ICB) The Yes to 
all of Gods promises is in Christ. And that 
is why we say Amen through Christ to the 
glory of God.  


   The precious Bible is the garden of God, 
and His promises are the lilies, and the roses, 
and the pinks   
   The Scriptures are to be received as 
God's word to us, not written merely, but 
   In them He is speaking to us 
individually, speaking as directly as if we could listen 
to His voice. It is in these promises that 
Christ communicates to us His grace and power. They 
are leaves from that tree which is "for the 
healing of the nations." Received, assimilated, they 
are to be the strength of the character, the 
inspiration and sustenance of the life.   
   Let youth grasp the hand of infinite 
power. Faith grows by exercise. Feed upon the 
promises; be content to rely on the simple promise of 
God's Word.   
   Hang in memory's hall the precious words 
of Christ. They are to be valued far above 
silver or gold. {FLB9}  

   When you understand that God is not a man 
to lie nor the son of man to change His mind, 
then you can be rest assured that His promises 
will not fail. 
   The best part of His promises is that in 
Christ, they are no more promises, they are 
   In Christ, God's promise to you is 'Yes' 
and only 'Yes'. 
      For all the promises of God in him are 
yea, and in him Amen,  
      unto the glory of God by us. 2 
Corinthians 1:20 
   By these promises, we are confident of 
dominating every circumstance that we will come up 
against. By these promises, we are sure to operate on 
the level of divinity. The realm of divinity 
gives us the edge over the natural and human 
   And to think it is these promises of God 
that usher us into that realm is amazing: 
      Whereby are given unto us exceeding 
great and precious promises: that by  
      these ye might be partakers of the 
divine nature, having escaped the  
      corruption that is in the world 
through lust. 2 Peter 1:4 
   Think of it this way, for your success in 
life and every circumstance that you would ever 
face, God said "what will see you through are my 
promise". From: 5 Promises And Prayers That Will Give 
You The Best Year Ever by Francis Jonah 


As we communicate with God, our Father, it 
is good to know what His promises to us are.  
If we don't know them, how can we stand on 
them?  It is important to know that we can ask 
according to His declared will and the answer will 
always be YES!  As this verse states, His promises 
already have a stamp on them that reads "So be it" 
(Amen)!  What confidence we can have as we ask God 
to make His promises affective in our lives.  
Begin today by finding promises in God's Word to 
attach to your specific requests.  Write them out 
and then memorize them.  Your faith will grow, 
along with your desire to pray, as you see the 
promises of God made good in your own life! [In His 
Time; Walk With Wisdom] 

   Paul preached uncompromisingly of Jesus 
Christ, who is the fulfillment of all God's 
promises. Peace, provision, salvation, deliverance, 
forgiveness - Jesus is the divine affirmation to all of 
God's promises. Knowing that his promises are true 
gives us strength, encouragement, and a solid 
foundation for our prayers. Understanding that God has 
the power to do what he has promised and that he 
never breaks his promises gives us confidence as 
we come to his throne of grace. Meditating on 
his promises reminds us of his faithfulness to 
all generations. But God doesn't want us only to 
think on his great and precious promises or merely 
to thank him for his promises. He wants us to 
turn them into prayers and petitions, to ask him 
to continue to fulfill his promises, for they 
reflect his will and purpose for our lives and for 
his church. 
   Thank You, Lord, for your great and 
precious promises! Thank you for reminding us that 
Jesus is the divine Yes," the affirmation of 
all your promises. Help me to sense and 
experience your love behind every promise as I trust in 
you. And help me to pray with confidence because 
I know that not one of your promises will ever 
fail. [Praying Through The Bible By Fuller] 


   Just say "no." I remember this phrase 
plastered as a slogan on posters around my high 
school. Saying "no" was believed by authority 
figures to be a talisman that would ward off all 
manner of teenage vices. Later I built on the power 
of "no" as I increased my efforts to not be a 
people pleaser, to draw boundaries, and keep from 
overloading myself with more commitments than I could 
handle. "No" definitely has its perks. 
   But because I am a parent, I've lately 
been pondering the power of "yes." Although it's 
hard to say "no" to vices and pleasing people, 
sometimes I get into a rut with my kids where "no" 
just feels like the easiest answer. "No, you 
can't go" keeps me from having to worry about my 
child's safety away from me. "No, you can't make 
slime" can keep a mess out of my house. "No, we 
can't afford that." "No, it's not good for you." 
"No, not today; I have to work. I caught 
myself recently saying "no" as my default - my 
first and quickest answer. My kids were unhappy 
and I felt like a pretty crummy mom. 
   I think we often imagine God like a 
grumpy parent whose default position is "no." Or 
maybe we assume what we want is inherently wrong 
so we expect Him to say "no" to the desires of 
our hearts. But Jesus is the resounding "Yes!" 
God speaks over us. Everything He's promised is 
fulfilled in Jesus, and that's a lot. Gwen Ford 
   Faith Step: Google "God's promises" and 
read up on all of the things that are yours for 
the asking in Jesus. Need more grace, more 
wisdom, more joy, more courage? Then ask! And hear 
Him answer with a resounding "Yes!" [Mornings 
With Jesus 2021 Devotional by Guideposts and 


Though the Bible be crowded with golden 
promises from board to board, yet will they be 
inoperative until we turn them into prayer. F. B. Meyer 

Let Gods promises shine on your problems. 
 Corrie Ten Boom 


2 Corinthians 1:20 - The Promises of God Are 
Yes in Christ. 


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If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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