Psalm 66:4 - Praising The Lord.

Psalm 66:4 (NLT) Everything on earth will 
worship you; they will sing your praises, shouting 
your name in glorious songs. Interlude  

Psalm 66:4 (AMP) All the earth shall bow 
down to You and sing [praises] to You; they shall 
praise Your name in song. Selah [pause, and calmly 
think of that]!  


   I've been training our new puppy, Ody. 
He's a chocolate lab with beautiful hazel-green 
eyes. He's our third Labrador. We trained the 
other two while raising three rowdy boys. Suffice 
it to say, our dogs didn't get much training. 
They were loved, but they were rowdy too. They 
pulled when we walked, and they ran away, ate 
trash, and especially went nuts for squirrels. 
   With our sons out of the house, I decided 
to hire a dog trainer to help me. I wanted to 
avoid those same bad habits. One of the strategies 
the trainer has taught me is to have Ody sit and 
look at me and then praise him before releasing 
   I've been practicing this rhythm with 
him. Pause, focus, praise. 
   Then, the other morning I was reading 
Psalm 66. As I read, I noticed the word Selah at 
the end of verses about singing praises to God. 
What does "Selah" mean? I wondered. I searched on 
Google and found it appears seventy-one times in 
the Psalms, and some Bible scholars believe it 
means "pause and praise." 
   Hmmm. Reading that made me realize that I 
needed training too. I began to take moments in my 
day to pause and stop whatever I was doing, 
especially in chaotic moments when I feel the pull of 
life. Focus my thoughts on Jesus. And praise God 
for a specific blessing in that moment. 
Practicing this has helped me find peace, clarity, and 
direction. Just as Ody is growing up as a calm puppy 
who consistently looks to me for direction, I'm 
continually looking to Jesus throughout my day and 
giving Him praise. Jeannie Blackmer 
   Faith Step: Set your alarm for three 
times today. Stop whatever you're doing to pause, 
focus on Jesus, and praise Him for something 
specific. [Mornings With Jesus 2021 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 


Why We Should Worship
   Worship can turn the most miserable 
circumstances into a wonderful time. In the book of Acts 
we read of Paul and Silas, who were beaten and 
thrown into a cold, dark, stinking dungeon for 
preaching the gospel. But at midnight Paul and Silas 
began singing praises to God. They worshiped the 
Lord. As they sang, an earthquake came, and the 
entire prison fell apart. (Talk about bringing the 
house down.) 
   Its wonderful when you can be lifted 
up through worship. Im not talking about 
mind over matter; Im talking about faith over 
circumstances. Im not talking about positive thinking; 
Im talking about honoring God, who is still on 
the throne no matter what youre going 
   God may deliver you immediately from your 
situation as He did with Paul and Silas. Or He may 
not. Sometimes when you worship the Lord, your 
problems dont go away, but they dont seem as 
significant. Its not because your problems have 
disappeared. Its because you have reevaluated things. 
As you worship the Lord and think about His 
glory, His power, His splendor, and His love, then 
you see Him in perspective. 
   The word worship comes from an old 
English word that means worthship. We should 
worship God because He is worthy. No matter what 
were going through, no matter what our 
circumstances may be, God merits our worship. The Bible 
says, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! 
For His mercy endures forever (Psalm 118:1). 
We worship God in spite of our circumstances, 
in spite of what were going through, because 
God merits and deserves our worship. And He is 
always worthy of our worship. 
   God made us to worship Him. God made us 
to bring Him pleasure. And God is pleased when 
we worship Him with a proper heart. [Greg 
Laurie from Harvest Ministries; 
https://www.harvestdaily.com re Psalm 118:1] 


   While jogging early this morning, I found 
myself humming the tune Bob Hope immortalized 
during several wars. I can still remember his 
tailor-made lyrics, fitted to each occasion. He sang 
them to lonely soldiers, sailors, airmen, and 
marines from steamy jungles to frozen reservoirs  
from the decks of aircraft carriers to makeshift 
platforms on windswept sand dunes. As guys and gals in 
uniform laughed and cried, screamed and sipped Coke, 
they always anticipated Hope's finale as he took 
the mike and crooned, "And thanks for the 
memories " 
   I remember it well: Christmas of '58 on 
Okinawa. I was homesick, missing my wife, and 
counting the days. So when the veteran entertainer 
sang his closing song, I sang along with him in a 
flood of memories. I recall how grateful I was for 
that tour of duty: the lessons I had learned, the 
disciplines I had begun to employ (thanks to the 
Navigators), the books I had read, the missionaries I had 
met, the places I had visited, the journal I had 
kept, the letters I had written, the verses I had 
memorized, even the things I had witnessed inside a 
Marine Corps barracks! And, most importantly, the 
call I had received from God to enter ministry. 
   Looking back now, all I can do is smile 
 and sing, "Thanks for the memories." I'm 
doing that a lot these days as I recall the 
various things God has done in me and through me and 
for me - and sometimes in spite of me! And I 
can't help but give Him praise in my heart. 
   Pastoring a church has to be the highest 
of all callings. In this position, one has the 
privilege of touching life at its tenderest points  
of walking with pain through its darkest 
valleys  of proclaiming truth in its purest form 
 of confronting sin in its ugliest scenes  
of modeling integrity through its hardest 
extremes - while everyone is watching as well as when 
no one is looking. It is no wonder to me why it 
requires a God-given calling before one enters it or 
why such a struggle accompanies resignation from 
   And after all these years I say a 
resounding, "Thanks for the memories!" For the 
conversions that have occurred, the addictions that have 
been conquered, the marriages that have been 
restored, the fractured lives that have been mended. 
These memories stay with me and revisit me often 
as I thank Him for His faithfulness. 
   Who knows what other surprises God has 
over the horizon? I do not know what lies ahead, 
but for today I pause and praise Him  and 
thank Him for the memories. 
   We know who holds the future  as we 
thank Him for the past. [Chuck Swindoll 

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Psalm 103:1, 2 - Praise The Lord, O My Soul; 
And All That Is Within Me, Praise His Holy 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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