Acts 14:22b - Tribulation for Entrance to the Kingdom.

Acts 14:22b (NKJV) "We must through many 
tribulations enter the kingdom of God." 

Acts 14:22b (NIV) "We must go through many 
hardships to enter the kingdom of God," 

Acts 14:22b (NCV) "We must suffer many 
things to enter God's kingdom." 


   We don't always like to read a verse like 
that. We would rather the passage read, "Through 
many days of perpetual happiness we enter the 
kingdom of God." But that isn't Scripture, and that 
isn't life. Trials and tribulations will come. Job 
said it well: "Mortals, born of woman, are of few 
days and full of trouble" (Job 14: 1, NIT). 
   Jesus once told a story about two men who 
built two homes. They may have been built at the 
same time, close together, and even with the same 
floor plan. One of the builders, however, erected 
his home on shifting sand, while the other built 
on a stable rock foundation. 
   Then the storms came, hitting both of 
those houses - hard! The house that had been built 
on sand collapsed and fell in upon itself, 
while the one built on the rock stood firm. The 
obvious moral of the story is to build your life on 
a foundation that will last, like the one we 
find in the pages of God's Word. 
   But here's an application we sometimes 
miss: The storm came to both lives. The wind beat 
on both houses. The rain poured on both 
building sites. The man who was wise and carefully 
chose a stable foundation got hit with the same 
hurricane-force winds as the man who foolishly took 
shortcuts and didn't bother to plan ahead. 
   We all will experience storms in life. 
Good things will happen to us as well as tragic 
and inexplicable things. Every life will have 
its share of pain. Even so, we have a God who, 
despite the worst tragedy, can bring good out of 
bad. That is not to say that God will make bad 
good because bad is bad. But it is to say that 
good can come out of bad. As Romans 8:28 affirms, 
"And we know that in all things God works for the 
good of those who love him, who have been called 
according to his purpose" (NW). 
   Life is a process, and as finite beings 
who live moment to moment, we can't see around 
the bend. We can't discern God's ultimate 
purposes. But we can know that the ultimate result 
will be good. because He is good. [Every Day with 
Jesus by Greg Laurie] 


   God hates suffering - and Jesus spent 
much of His time on earth reversing and relieving 
it. It's the same today. In answer to heartfelt 
prayers, He still grants babies to childless women, 
heals cancer, protects Alzheimer's patients from 
walking into traffic, and writes happy endings to 
sad situations. But it simply doesn't follow 
that God's only relationship to suffering is to 
relieve it. Yes, He will eventually banish it from 
His presence forever, but for now, suffering is 
part of our broken world, and God will still use 
it for His own ends.  
   In today's Scripture, Paul reminds us 
that "we must go through many hardships to enter 
the kingdom of God. Not just hardships, but many 
hardships. In other words, no one enters Christ's 
heaven who doesn't first share in Christ's 
sufferings. Today, determine to be no greater than Your 
Master. If the Lord Jesus suffered many hardships, 
you can expect them too - along with the comfort 
and encouragement of His presence.  
   Lord, You have always been clear about 
it. You have said, "In this world you will have 
trouble" (John 16:33). But then you offer Yourself as 
my Companion, Friend, and Champion through 
every moment. So I have hardships - but I also 
have You! And You, Faithful One, are enough. [A 
Spectacle of Glory by Joni Eareckson Tada and Larry 

Treasures in the Darkness
   My friend, David, lives on the edge. He's 
a quadriplegic, his wife left him after the 
car accident, he survives on government 
benefits, and lives alone in a little apartment 
downtown. After getting up in the morning, he more or 
less fends for himself after his part time 
attendant leaves. Despite all his struggles, David 
always orders the public access van on Saturday 
evening so that he can come to our church for Sunday 
   "Who helps you with dinner?" I asked him 
once. David explained that he usually powers his 
wheelchair over to the Pizza Hut for dinner. "The Lord 
always provides someone to help," he laughed. 
"Sometimes it's one of the waiters on break. Or a 
stranger having dinner who offers to help. I can feed 
myself," he said proudly. "I just need someone to 
place the pizza in the curve of my hand just so. 
But Joni, I'll tell you something. All this 
helps me to depend on the Lord. I mean... I depend 
on him." 
   David inspires me because he's not afraid 
to live on the edge. Somehow, he finds light in 
the darkness and hope in the midst of 
helplessness. And God has revealed to him the preciousness 
of Isaiah 45:3, where the Lord promises, "I 
will give you the treasures of darkness, riches 
stored in secret places so that you may know I am 
the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by 
name." Oh, how wealthy are the people who need God 
desperately; whose treasure in the darkness is a deeper 
knowledge of him. 
   In the midst of your own darkness, there 
is treasure, and riches that could never be 
discovered in the light of ease and peace. Needing God 
desperately will always make you wealthy. 
   Lord Jesus, you left the rainbow radiance 
of heaven to taste darkness and death for me... 
and bring me home to your Father's house. And 
even now, in the worst of times and deepest of 
sorrows, you have become my treasure and my hope. 
[Joni Eareckson Tada Daily Devotional: 
http://www.joniandfriends.org/daily-devotional re Daniel 2:22] 

God Brings New Life Out of the Fire
   How you handle pain is a great witness to 
the world. When you trust God in spite of 
suffering, youll point unbelievers to him. 
   Frankly, you and I arent much of a 
witness when life is good. Anyone can serve God 
during those times. But tough times are a different 
   Remember the story of Daniels friends 
being tossed into the fire? They trusted God, and 
he rescued them in a miraculous manner.  
These guys impressed the king with their 
faith. And the king was the most powerful emperor 
of that time. 
   The king said, Praise be to the God of 
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who has sent his angel 
and rescued his servants! They trusted in him 
and defied the kings command and were willing 
to give up their lives rather than serve or 
worship any god except their own God (Daniel 3:28 
   King Nebuchadnezzar recognized that these 
guys were willing to defy his order and risk 
death because they trusted God.  
   What are you willing to die for?
   If you dont know what youre willing 
to die for, youll never truly live. Youll 
only exist. 
   There are some trees that only sprout 
after a forest fire, including the jack pine tree 
of North America. The seeds are in the cones so 
tightly that they wont come out unless intense 
heat comes along. After heat melts the resin, the 
seed is able to drop and germinate. Without heat, 
this process wouldnt happen. 
   The same is true with us.
   Sometimes God brings new life to others 
because they see us trust him through the fire. 
[Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 
https://pastorrick.com/devotional/ re Daniel 3:28] 

But God
   We must shape the powerful and 
transforming thought in our minds that the goodness and 
faithfulness of God follow hard on our heels to turn 
every tragedy into a triumph and every loss into a 
gain. It is easy to affirm this as we look back - 
the challenge is to affirm it with equal 
conviction as we look ahead.  
   If you can get hold of this truth and 
absorb it into your life as a working principle, 
then it will transform your attitude toward 
everything. Never again will you be at the mercy of 
circumstances. In Acts 5:40-41 we read an astonishing 
statement: "After they called in the apostles and had 
them flogged ... Then they went out from the 
presence of the Sanhedrin, rejoicing ..." Rejoicing? 
Over injustice? How is it possible to rejoice 
over an injustice? Because they believed, with 
David, that the last word was not with men, but 
with God - "goodness and faithfulness" would 
follow them and turn the situation to their 
advantage. When you can rejoice over injustice, you are 
   Another verse from Acts that always 
intrigues me reads thus: "The patriarchs became 
jealous of Joseph and sold him into Egypt, but God 
... (Ac 7:9). That phrase, but God, is at 
the end of every injustice - He has the last 
word. And just as God used the injustice done to 
Joseph to feed the Egyptian people and his own 
family, so He transforms every sorrow, every 
bereavement, every tragedy. Christianity may not explain 
everything, but it most certainly transforms everything. 
[Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes 
devotionals re Mark13:9] 


   Dont ask God to do what you want. Ask 
God to do what is right. 
   When God doesnt do what we want, 
its not easy. Never has been. Never will be. But 
faith is the conviction that God knows more than 
we do about this life and he will get us 
through it. 
   Disappointment is cured by revamped 
   I like that story about the fellow who 
went to the pet store in search of a singing 
parakeet. Seems he was a bachelor and his house was 
too quiet. The store owner had just the bird for 
him, so the man bought it. The next day the 
bachelor came home from work to a house full of 
music. He went to the cage to feed the bird and 
noticed for the first time that the parakeet had 
only one leg. 
   He felt cheated that hed been sold a 
one-legged bird, so he called and complained. 
   What do you want, the store owner 
responded, a bird who can sing or a bird who can 
   Good question for times of 
disappointment. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 

The more we know of God, the more we realize 
that when He permits us to pass through deep and 
dark waters, it is not because He is powerless to 
deliver us, but because a beneficent and eternal 
purpose is being worked out in that process. And 
what is more, we discover that God is not 
interested merely in working out His purposes in us, 
but in imparting to us a richer sense of His 
presence. In God there is a balm for every wound, a 
comfort for every sorrow, and healing for every 
heartache. [Every Day With Jesus Bible with Selwyn 
Hughes devotional re Psalm 92:4] 


   I am your Joy! Let these words 
reverberate in your mind and sink into your innermost 
being. I - your Companion who will never leave you 
- am a boundless source of Joy. If you really 
believe this, you can rest in the truth that every 
day of your life is a good day. So refuse to use 
the label "a bad day," even when you're 
struggling deeply. Your circumstances may indeed be 
very hard, but I am nonetheless with you, holding 
you by your right hand. There is good to be 
found in this day - and every day - because of My 
constant Presence and steadfast Love.  
   You may not be rich by worldly standards, 
but My unfailing Love is priceless! This Love 
guarantees that you can find refuge in the shadow of My 
wings no matter what is happening. Also, it gives 
you access to My river of delights. When your 
world feels anything but delightful, turn to Me 
and drink deeply from this ravishing river: My 
loving Presence. I am your Joy! (Deu. 31:8; Psa. 
73:23; 36:7, 8) [Jesus Always by Sarah Young]  


Acts 14:22b - Tribulation for Entrance to 
the Kingdom. 





If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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