Matthew 5:5 - Blessed Are The Meek, Gentle Or Is It The Humble?

Matthew 5:5 (NIV) Blessed are the meek, for 
they will inherit the earth.  

Matthew 5:5 (HCSB) The gentle are blessed, 
for they will inherit the earth.  

Matthew 5:5 (NLT) God blesses those who are 
humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.  


Meekness: The meaning of prautes "is not 
readily expressed in English, for the terms 
meekness, mildness, commonly used, suggest weakness 
and pusillanimity to a greater or less extent, 
whereas prautes does nothing of the kind. 
Nevertheless, it is difficult to find a rendering less 
open to objection than `meekness'; `gentleness' 
has been suggested, but as prautes describes a 
condition of mind and heart, and as `gentleness' is 
appropriate rather to actions, this word is no better 
than that used in both English Versions. It must 
be clearly understood, therefore, that the 
meekness manifested by the Lord and commended to the 
believer is the fruit of power. The common assumption 
is that when a man is meek it is because he 
cannot help himself; but the Lord was `meek' 
because he had the infinite resources of God at His 
command. Described negatively, meekness is the 
opposite to self-assertiveness and self-interest; it 
is equanimity of spirit that is neither elated 
nor cast down, simply because it is not occupied 
with self at all. [Vines Expository 

Meekness: never implies weakness. In 
contrast to weakness, meekness is controlled 
strength. It is an attitude of heart in which all 
energies are brought into the perfect control of the 
Holy Spirit. [Believers SB] 

Meekness: A personality trait of gentleness 
and humility, the opposite of which is pride. 
Meekness does not refer to weakness or passivity but 
to controlled power. [Holmans Bible 

Meek: This beatitude is taken from Ps. 37:11 
(see note there) and refers in Matthew to an 
internal disposition of humility before God, an 
external reality of low status, or both. [NIV SB 

Those who are humble: See Ps 37:11, which 
Jesus practically quotes here. Elsewhere, Jesus 
describes himself in similar terms - in contrast to 
other teachers (11:29) and as one who shuns pride 
(12:17"21; 21:5). This trait of Jesus is exemplified in 
his death on the cross (1 Pet 2:23; 3:9). [NLT 
SB 2008] 

What does it mean - humility? The dictionary 
defines it thus: The quality or state of being 
humble in spirit; freedom from pride or arrogance. 
Augustine says, "It was pride that changed angels into 
devils; it is humility that makes men as angels." 
Again, he says, "Should you ask me, What is the 
first thing in religion? I should reply, The 
first, second, and third thing therein - nay all- 
is humility." Ben Franklin said, "After crosses 
and losses men grow humbler and wiser." Jonathan 
Edwards said, "Nothing sets a person so much out of 
the devil's reach as humility." And others have 
said, "The fullest and best ears of corn hang 
lowest toward the ground" (Edward Reynolds). "I 
believe the first test of a truly great man is his 
humility" (Ruskin). "Humility is the Christian's 
greatest honor; and the higher men climb, the further 
they are from heaven" (Jane Porter). "True 
humility makes way for Christ, and throws the soul at 
His feet" (J. Mason).  [Yokefellows] 


   We dont hear a lot about meekness 
today. It isnt celebrated, but it is really 
   Jesus said, Blessed are the meek, for 
they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5 
NKJV). To put it another way, you can be blessed if 
youre a meek person. It means that you are no 
longer inflated with pride. You have seen your real 
condition, and as a result, youre meek. 
   By the way, weakness and meekness are not 
the same. Lets say, for example, that 
youre a professional boxer. And lets say that 
someone is harassing you. But you dont hit them 
back, even though you could. You choose not to 
strike back, even though theyre mistreating you. 
That is not weakness. That is meekness. 
   Now lets say that have no fighting 
skills at all and someone is harassing you. But you 
dont hit back. Thats because you dont 
really have a lot of options. 
   On the other hand, the person who knows 
how to fight has an option. Even so, they choose 
not to exercise that option. That is meekness. 
It means power under constraint. 
   The word Jesus used here for meek is a 
Greek term that describes the breaking of a 
powerful stallion. Have you ever been on a horse that 
didnt want to do what you wanted it to? When a 
horse submits to the riders will, that is 
   In the same way, when we surrender 
ourselves to Gods will, we exhibit meekness. How 
different this is from our culture. In the Bible, the 
last are first. Giving is receiving. Dying is 
living. Losing is finding. The least are the 
greatest. Weakness is strength. 
   A happy person, therefore, will be a meek 
person. Seeing ourselves as we really are produces a 
vital spiritual quality: meekness. [Greg Laurie 
from Harvest Ministries; 

   If you want to make healthy choices - to 
be well and whole again - you have to learn to 
be meek. Matthew 5:5 says, Blessed are the 
meek, for they will inherit the earth (NIV). 
   The Bible lists many benefits of 
meekness: The meek will be satisfied (Psalm 22:26); 
God will guide them (Psalm 25:9); they will 
become wise (Proverbs 11:2); they will be filled 
with fresh joy (Isaiah 29:19). 
   There are many, many other benefits. The 
problem is, we misunderstand this term. We dont 
really know what meekness is. In fact, we often 
confuse it with another term that sounds like it: 
Meek sounds like weak. Nobody wants to be 
weak, so nobody wants to be meek. 
   But the truth is that meekness and 
weakness are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. 
Meekness is in no way weakness. In fact, the Greek 
word for meekness literally means strength 
under control. 
   To be meek is not to be weak. Its used 
to describe a wild stallion that has been 
tamed. That stallion still has all the strength it 
had when it was wild, but now its strength is 
under control. It is strength bottled up for the 
masters use. 
   God doesnt want you to be weak, but he 
does want you to be meek. The Bible teaches that 
its one of the keys to stress reduction in your 
   Heres a simple definition of the word 
meek: Let go, and let God. That is the essence of 
meekness. Its surrendering, submitting, and 
agreeing to what God wants to do in your life. Its 
letting God be God in your life. 
   Let go, and let God. I dont know a 
phrase that will do more for your health - 
physically or emotionally - than this phrase. If you 
begin to practice it in your life, it will relieve 
stress and eliminate worry. If you let go and let 
God, it will defuse anger and end your hurt and 
   If you find yourself struggling today, 
start to cultivate meekness in your life. Let go, 
and let God. [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 


   Jesus was well familiar with Hebrew 
Scripture. He quoted it often and expanded on its 
truths. The blessing for the meek is one of those 
quotes; Psalm 37:11 says the same thing. The meek 
will inherit the land and enjoy peace and 
prosperity. The gentle people of Israel - the ones who 
have power without abusing it, who could promote 
themselves but don't, who submit themselves to God 
without rebelling against Him - are the ones who 
will actually inherit the nation. 
   Jesus reiterates this - the word 
translated "the earth is also the word for "the 
land, as in the country - and possibly expands on 
it. On a much grander scale, those who are last 
will be first, not just in Israel but in the new 
earth. On a cosmic stage, these people will be 
exalted and rule with Christ in His Kingdom. 
   Who are the meek? They are lowly in 
heart, unassuming, unpretentious, and gentle. 
Meekness can imply brokenness, as in the case of a 
horse that no longer resists his masters bridle. 
The word can refer to humility - an attitude 
Jesus has already included in the blessing of the 
poor in spirit - and it is especially seen in 
those who have other options. Whether its 
referring to people with earthly status and power or 
children of the King with spiritual privilege and the 
keys of the Kingdom, the meek don't oppress, 
push, control, manipulate, berate, complain, or 
wield a heavy hand. They understand the kindness 
and gentleness of God, and they demonstrate it. 
   Kingdom people are not self-promoting. We 
may be bold, persistent, and even brash in 
spiritual pursuits, but we don't buy into the "every 
man for himself" philosophy of the world. It 
doesn't fit the Kingdom culture, and we don't have 
any need for it anyway. A person with a meek 
heart can trust God for promotion and position 
rather than forcing him- or herself into it. 
Meekness is an attitude of confidence in Him. And it 
leads to blessing. [The One Year Heaven On Earth 
Devotional by Chris Tiegreen] 

   Part of Christ's prescription for 
happiness is "Blessed are the meek, for they shall 
inherit the earth" (Mt 5:5, kjv). How we have shied 
away from that word "meek." We have thought of 
meekness as a weakness and thus have a totally wrong 
concept of what Jesus meant. The Amplified Bible 
translates it thus: "Blessed are the meek (the mild, 
patient, long-suffering), for they shall inherit the 
earth." The dictionary defines "meek" as "humble, 
compliant, and submissive". Does this mean that Jesus 
expects the children of the kingdom to be like 
subdued puppies who crawl into their master's 
presence and cower at his feet? Or to become the type 
of people who lack inner fortitude and 
gumption, who can be easily pushed around and 
   The truly meek person - in the biblical 
sense of the word - is not timid, shy, hesitant, 
and unassuming, but trusting, confident, and 
secure. The root meaning of the word "meekness" is 
that of yieldedness or surrender - a 
characteristic without which no real progress can be made 
in the Christian life. What happens, for 
example, to the scientist who approaches the 
mysteries of the universe in a spirit of meekness? He 
finds its richest secrets unfolding themselves to 
him, and he is able to harness the mighty forces 
around him to advantage. The Christian who 
approaches life in the same spirit - the spirit of 
meekness and submission - discovers the true meaning 
of his existence and the purpose of God in all 
his affairs.  
   Gracious Father, help me to understand 
clearly the difference between meekness and 
weakness. And show me how to apply this principle in 
all I say and in all I do. This I ask in 
Christ's powerful and precious name. Amen. [Every Day 
With Jesus Bible with Selwyn Hughes devotional] 
re Psalm 149:4 


   Blessed are the meek, Jesus 
explained. Blessed are the available. 
   Thats why the announcement went first 
to the shepherds. They didnt ask God if he 
was sure he knew what he was doing. Had the 
angel gone to the theologians, they would have 
first consulted their commentaries. Had he gone to 
the elite, they would have looked around to see 
if anyone was watching. Had he gone to the 
successful, they would have first looked at their 
   So he went to the shepherds. Men who 
didnt have a reputation to protect or an ax to 
grind or a ladder to climb. Men who didnt know 
enough to tell God that angels dont sing to 
sheep and that messiahs arent found wrapped in 
rags and sleeping in a feed trough. 
   A small cathedral outside Bethlehem marks 
the supposed birthplace of Jesus. Behind a high 
altar in the church is a cave, a little cavern lit 
by silver lamps. 
   You can enter the main edifice and admire 
the ancient church. You can also enter the quiet 
cave where a star embedded in the floor 
recognizes the birth of the King. There is one 
stipulation, however. You have to stoop. The door is so 
low you cant go in standing up. 
   The same is true of the Christ. You can 
see the world standing tall, but to witness the 
Savior, you have to get on your knees. 
   while the theologians were sleeping
   and the elite were dreaming
   and the successful were snoring,
   the meek were kneeling.
   They were kneeling before the One only 
the meek will see. They were kneeling in front 
of Jesus. [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 


Matthew 5:5: - Blessed Are The Meek, Gentle 
Or Is It The Humble? 


Psalm 149:4 - Humble Praise



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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