Matthew 6:34 - Dealing With Worry.

Matthew 6:34 (NLT) Don't worry about 
tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. 
Todays trouble is enough for today. 


   I hung up the phone with a realtor after 
making an appointment to see a house. I leaned back 
in my chair, took a deep breath, and wondered, 
Where are we going to live? A few years ago, we 
sold our home and gave away most of our 
belongings, only keeping the items we loved. Our three 
adult sons were living on their own, and we wanted 
to simplify our life, experience more financial 
freedom, and start our empty-nest life as an 
   The past few years, not tethered to a 
house, had been great. But now I longed for a home 
again - my own nest. I thought this nesting 
instinct usually affected younger women starting 
their families, so I was surprised that I still 
had this desire. Worrying about it was 
definitely stealing my joy. 
   Then, I was reminded of Jesus's words 
giving us an anecdote to worry. He said, "Look at 
the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or 
store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father 
feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than 
they?" (Matthew 6:26, N1V). The answer is yes. The 
process of learning to trust God to take care of us 
is a lifelong practice, not just with where we 
live but in every area of life. Here I am again, 
turning my worry into trust. I still don't know 
where my next nest will be, but I'll take Jesus at 
His words and remember how He provides for the 
birds in the air and how much more He will provide 
for me. Jeannie Blackmer. 
   Faith Step: Write down something you are 
worried about. Take a walk outside and observe 
birds. Remember how much God loves and provides for 
them and all the more so for you. [Mornings With 
Jesus 2021 Devotional by Guideposts and Zondervan] 

   The back porch door was only open for a 
few seconds, but that was time enough for a 
half-grown robin to fly down the hail and into our 
laundry room. The poor bird frantically circled the 
room, wings beating hard. I knew it was scared, 
but what to do? I tried capturing it in a large 
towel, but couldn't get close. Trapping it in the 
corner with my broom didn't work, either. 
   My husband, Don, squeezed through the 
door. "Stop trying to catch it!" he said. "When 
the bird tires it will land on a shelf and I'll 
get it." A couple of minutes later, that's what 
happened. Don picked the robin up, carried it outside, 
and watched it fly to the nearest Bradford pear 
   I hate to admit it, but I'm a lot like 
that bird. My initial reaction to unsettling news 
or a troubling circumstance is panic. I rush 
around and try to fix things that don't need fixing 
or aren't my business. Often my hasty 
"solutions" to problems often don't even make sense, 
like the time my granddaughter Olivia was driving 
alone and had a flat tire ninety miles away. My 
plan was to go pick her up, but Don said, "Why 
not call a garage to fix the tire?" I did, and 
Olivia was back on the road in forty-five minutes. 
   These days I'm trying to remember that 
robin when I receive bad news or encounter 
stressful situations. With God's help, I'm learning to 
take a deep breath, stay calm, wait awhile, and 
trust that He will provide appropriate help in 
every situation. 
   Lord, You have told us to learn from the 
birds of the air (Matthew 6:26). Let it be so in 
my life. Amen. Penney Schwab [Walking in Grace 
2021 Devotional by Guideposts and Zondervan re 
Matthew 10:29] 

   My husband, Kevin, and I exchanged heated 
words twice this week. Wait, I may as well tell it 
straight - we argued. Although we've enjoyed a happy 
marriage for decades, our different outlooks on 
everything from taking risks to treating a cold 
sometimes get us in trouble. We haven't fought like 
this in months, I thought. I wonder what's going 
on. I don't function well when we argue - strife 
smothers my joy. 
   I wept as I prayed this morning, 
distracted by troubled thoughts. With His gentle voice 
in my heart, Jesus reminded me of our schedule: 
moving our daughter and her three teenagers to live 
near us; Kevin starring in a drama on the west 
coast; my teaching four workshops and sharing a 
morning message at a writing conference three states 
away; and caring for my ninety-two-year-old mom 
who suffers from hearing loss, macular 
degeneration, and dementia. No wonder we'd fought. We'd 
let the pressures around us cause tension inside 
us, upsetting our usual calm relationship. 
   But what can I do, Lord? We just don't 
agree on how to manage everything. 
   Then I heard God's voice: Is your job to 
manage everything or to trust Me for the help and 
wisdom you need? 
   Aha. I realized Kevin and I were trying 
too hard to make sure every detail of our lives 
- and those we love - worked out perfectly. 
I'd forgotten that Jesus gave us His Spirit to 
show us how to live with joy and serenity one day 
- sometimes one minute - at a time. 
   I dried my tears, told Jesus thanks, and 
went to find Kevin. We both needed a hug. 
Jeanette Levellie 
   Faith Step: Picture Jesus cradling you in 
His enormous hands, pouring out His wisdom for 
the day - or perhaps the season - ahead of you. 
[Mornings With Jesus 2021 Devotional by Guideposts and 


Dont Worry - Worship!
   How do you know youre not experiencing 
the love of God? 
   Youre worried.
   You cant simultaneously worry and 
worship God. Every time you worry, youve 
forgotten how much God loves you. Worry is really 
acting like an atheist. Its pretending youre 
an orphan rather than a child of God. 
   Jesus said, So dont worry about 
these things, saying, What will we eat? What 
will we drink? What will we wear? These things 
dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your 
heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek 
the Kingdom of God above all else, and live 
righteously, and he will give you everything you need. So 
dont worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will 
bring its own worries. Todays trouble is enough 
for today (Matthew 6:31-34 NLT). 
   Jesus tells us theres a truth thats 
much more important than anything were 
worrying about: We have a heavenly Father who created 
us, loves us, wants what is best for us, and is 
watching over us. He is working for our good and has 
given us hundreds of promises of his 
   Worry is pretending you dont know any 
of that. 
   My son Josh doesnt like to fly when 
theres turbulence. A few years ago, he was on a 
plane experiencing constant turbulence. He told me 
later, I had to decide whether I would worry or 
worship. So instead of worrying, I put in my ear buds 
and put on a bunch of worship songs. 
   Youll either worry or worship for the 
rest of your life. Youll either panic or pray. 
Youll either look at your problems or look at 
   Which will you choose? [Daily Devotional 
by Rick Warren: 


We are to make Him [Jesus] first and last 
and best in everything. We are to engage in no 
business, follow no pursuit, seek no pleasure, that 
would hinder the outworking of His righteousness 
in our character and life. Whatever we do is to 
be done heartily, as unto the Lord If we 
follow His example, His assurance to us is that all 
things needful in this life "shall be added." {MB 

If you will seek the Lord and be converted 
every day  all your murmurings will be stilled, 
all your difficulties will be removed, all the 
perplexing problems that now confront you will be 
solved.  MB101 


Matthew 6:34 - Plan for Tomorrow but Live 
for Today. 


Matthew 6:33 - Put Jesus First and All These 
Things Will Be Added. 



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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