John 12:24, 25 - Living for Christ or Self

John 12:24, 25 (NIV) Very truly I tell you, 
unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and 
dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it 
dies, it produces many seeds. 25 Anyone who loves 
their life will lose it, while anyone who hates 
their life in this world will keep it for eternal 

John 12:24, 25 (NLT) I tell you the truth, 
unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and 
dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce 
many new kernels - a plentiful harvest of new 
lives. 25 Those who love their life in this world 
will lose it. Those who care nothing for their 
life in this world will keep it for eternity. 

John 12:24, 25 (CWR) Unless a kernel of 
wheat is buried and dies, it produces nothing.  It 
always will be just one kernel of wheat.  But if it 
dies, it produces other kernels for a great 
harvest.  So it is with me.  If a person lives only 
for himself, hell lose eternal life.  But if 
he dies to self and lives for others, hell 
produce a harvest of good things and receive life 


We must be so committed to living for Christ 
that we "hate" our lives by comparison. This does 
not mean that we long to die or that we are 
careless or destructive with the life God has given, 
but that we are willing to die if doing so will 
glorify Christ. We must disown the tyrannical rule 
of our own self-centeredness. By laying aside 
our striving for advantage, security, and 
pleasure, we can serve God lovingly and freely. 
Releasing control of our lives and transferring 
control to Christ bring eternal life and genuine 
joy. [Life Application SB] 


   The husbandman preserves his grain by 
casting it away. So in human life. To give is to 
live. The life that will be preserved is the life 
that is freely given in service to God and man. 
Those who for Christ's sake sacrifice their life 
in this world will keep it unto life eternal.  
   The life spent on self is like the grain 
that is eaten. It disappears, but there is no 
increase. A man may gather all he can for self; he may 
live and think and plan for self; but his life 
passes away, and he has nothing. The law of 
self-serving is the law of self-destruction. DA623, 4 

He who lives for self, and devotes his life 
to self-serving, will lose his life. He may 
gather much, but he imparts little. All such are as 
the grain that is eaten. Those who think and 
plan for self only, who desire everything to 
minister to their ideas and advance their interests, 
pursue a course of selfish idolatry. God says of 
them, "Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone." 
Those who love this temporal life so well that 
they will scheme for themselves, and work upon 
worldly plans, will find at last that they are 
bankrupt; for they are without the eternal riches. But 
those who hate this life, who choose death rather 
than a life without Christ, win heaven. Those who 
devote their lives to God's service, who honor him, 
and commit the keeping of their souls to him as 
unto a faithful Creator, will bring forth fruit 
unto eternal life. The Lord will keep that which 
is committed to his trust against that day. He 
will honor the man who serves him with the whole 
heart. ST 07-01-9 

The Believer's Journey to the Cross
   We all know that Jesus walked the road to 
Calvary, but did you know that believers also journey 
to the cross? We've all been positionally 
crucified with Christ, but those who hunger for Him 
participate in a deeper experience of this reality. 
Jesus lovingly takes their hand and leads them to 
the cross. Even though this is the last place 
anyone wants to go, it's the only way to partake of 
God's best for our lives. 
   The trip to the cross is not one you take 
with family and friends. It's a lonely journey 
with just you and Jesus. He strips away everyone 
and everything you've depended on so that you'll 
learn to rely only on Him. While we're at the 
cross, He uncovers layer after layer of 
self-deception until we begin to see ourselves as He does. 
Soon our self-centeredness, inadequacy, and 
failures are laid bare. 
   The cross is a place of brokenness, but 
it's necessary because there's no other way we'll 
ever bear fruit. If we hang onto our lives and 
refuse to take this journey, we'll be like a grain 
of wheat that is never planted and never grows. 
But those who willingly die to themselves will 
produce an abundance of spiritual fruit. The only 
way Christ can live His life through us is if 
we've allowed ourselves to be crucified. 
   God doesn't want you to be content with 
just your salvation. There's so much more He 
desires to give you and accomplish through you. Are 
you willing to take the road to the cross with 
Him? Yes, it's painful, but the rewards in this 
life and in eternity far outweigh any suffering 
you will experience. [In Touch Daily Devotional 
by Charles Stanley at www.intouch.org]  

   Some things must die in order to be 
productive. Certain seeds will not germinate into a 
plant unless they freeze during the winter. Jesus 
knew that His death would bring salvation to the 
   The moment you became a Christian, your 
sinful nature died (Ro 6:6), but there remained 
sinful aspects of your character that had not gone 
to their graves willingly. Before you became a 
Christian were you self-centered? You may discover 
selfishness lingering in your life when you ought to be 
freely sharing what you have in the name of Christ 
(Mt 10:8). Did you have a volatile temper? Now 
as a believer, you experience moments when 
anger wells up within you. Were you driven by 
ambition? You may still find yourself with the same 
motivation as you strive for recognition and position 
in the kingdom of God. 
   If these sinful attitudes are allowed to 
remain alive, they will stifle the fruits of the 
Spirit. Your temper may prevent some from coming to 
Jesus. Your selfishness will hinder you from being 
a blessing to those around you. Your ambition 
could cause you to use others to meet your goals. 
Your family may be suffering because of some 
areas of your life that you have never allowed 
Jesus to put to death. It is futile to say, But 
thats just the way I am! That is the way you 
were. But that person died with Christ; you are a 
new creation (2Co 5:17). Allow God to complete 
His work in you and see what fruit your life 
produces. [Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry and 
Richard Blackaby re John 12:24] 

   Often when our souls are troubled and 
problems abound, we tend to pray prayers such as, 
"Lord, fix this situation so I won't have to suffer 
or have problems! Make everything go smoothly 
in my life! Please remove the obstacles I'm 
facing today! " But Jesus, in view of his impending 
suffering and death, aligned himself with the Father's 
purposes. While he prayed in Gethsemane, it was only 
natural for him to ask that if it were possible, he 
might not need to face the unspeakable torment 
that was to come. But his greater priority was 
not his own comfort; it was doing his Father's 
will and agreeing to what would bring glory to 
his name. 
   With Christ as our example, we who follow 
the Lord are to do the same in our difficulties. 
We are to align ourselves with God's purposes, 
commit to seeing them through whatever the cost to 
us, and enter into Christ's prayer - that God 
would be glorified in our lives. 
   LORD, may my highest motivation and 
desire be that your name would be glorified in 
every trial and situation I go through. Keep my 
mind and heart focused on Jesus' example and 
committed to what you want to accomplish in my life. 
Holy Spirit, please give me grace to live 
wholeheartedly for the glory of God's name. [Praying 
Through The Bible By Fuller re John 12:26] 


The grain of wheat must die before it can 
reproduce itself. So the individual who would follow 
Jesus must die to all purposes in life that are 
contrary to the will of God. [Passages Of Life SB] 

The man whose priorities are right, who 
makes the things of God primary, will keep his 
life eternally. [Believers SB] 

Death to self-seeking is the disciple's 
goal. We seek to kill all selfish goals and 
ambitions which dominate life without Christ. We love 
Christ rather than selfish ambition. [Disciple SB] 


   A woman came back from a Christian 
retreat, and a friend asked what it was like. She 
answered, "I died!" 'What do you mean?" her friend 
responded. "This weekend I discovered that I had spent 
my whole life hiding. I had never been honest 
with anyone"my family, my friends, myself, or 
God. The worst part was, I wasn't even in touch 
with my own dishonesty and distortions. This past 
weekend all my lies died; my old hiding places 
collapsed. I am so glad I went through this death 
experience to become the new person that God is 
creating. Now I know what it means to be 'born 
   As strange as this sounds to some, this 
"death experience" is exactly what happens in the 
Third Step. This "surrender step" is death. It is 
death to our old wills and lives as we turn them 
over to God. An ancient saint said, "God has to 
hollow us out before he can fill us up with life 
and love." All our old debris of 
selfcenteredness, self-pity and self-control has to die. 
   As the apostle Paul wrote: "We were 
therefore buried with Christ through baptism into 
death in order that, just as Christ was raised 
from the dead ... we too may live a new life" 
(Romans 6:4). Now that's a Third Step. For 
Christians in recovery, what could be truer and more 
hopeful? A. Philip Parham 
   Christ, I give myself to you. Take me as 
I die to my old selfish ways and live in you 
and your love. [Life Recovery Devotional SB] 

Seed Germination
   We have just been out planting seeds in 
our garden - big ones such as peas, beans, and 
squash, and little ones such as lettuce, basil, and 
radish. After preparing the soil, we made the thin 
little trenches and dropped the seeds in. The big 
ones remain visible till we cover them up. The 
little ones vanish the moment they leave our dirty 
fingers. Invisible. Dead and gone even before we pull 
a little fine soil over the trench. As 1 
Corinthians 3:6, 7 tells it, the planting and watering 
are no big deal really. It is God who makes it 
   Inside every viable seed, no matter how 
small, is a tiny dormant embryo, living but at a 
very slow pace, nestled snugly in among the 
starchy endosperm, its food source until the embryo 
can raise its head out of the ground. The embryo 
looks like a miniature plant with a root end and a 
shoot end. If you open a dried peanut carefully 
you can see the tiny embryo with its leaves all 
formed ready to go - except in thy, roasted, or 
salted peanuts the embryo is dead. OK, then, how 
does the seed germinate?  
   Seeds soak up water first. Since seeds 
are stored quite dry, they can absorb several 
times their weight in water and will swell to at 
least double their size when dry. Once they have 
enough moisture, the embryo's metabolism kicks into 
high gear, and they need to get nutrients and 
start growing. The starchy endosperm all around 
them is in a good energy storage form but not 
much use for providing energy to the embryo. So 
the embryo sends out a chemical signal (at least 
this is what happens in cereal seeds) that 
triggers the production and release of a 
starch-digesting enzyme from the aleurone - a layer just 
under the seed coat. The enzyme goes to work on 
the starch, breaking it down into sugars that 
the embryo can use. Though the growth of an 
embryo does involve cell division, most of the 
increase in size comes from cell expansion resulting 
from water uptake. What a marvelous system God 
has created to provide food for the embryo just 
when it needs it.  
   In the text above, the dying of the grain 
kernel represents the death of Christ. By going 
into the ground it can grow and produce lots of 
seeds, Christ's sacrifice made the gift of life 
possible for many. And in that sacrifice, we receive 
   Hope of Glory, does Your life live in me? 
May I be totally focused on serving You. [God of 
Wonders by David Steen] 


   One aspect of following Jesus means 
spending time with him. That seems obvious. But think 
about it. When Jesus was here on earth, people who 
believed in Jesus' teachings literally followed him. 
They walked with him. They traveled together, ate 
together, prayed together, saw awesome things 
together, and suffered together. 
   So how do we follow Jesus today? How do 
we spend time with him? One way to spend time 
with Jesus is through prayer and reading the 
Bible. We need to take quiet times to sense his 
presence and to welcome him into our lives. We need 
to read and study God's Word so we can do what 
he wants us to do. Though we cannot see or 
touch Jesus today (he is risen and in heaven!), he 
has given every new believer his Holy Spirit. 
Through the Spirit, we can live in the awareness of 
God's presence as we go through our daily lives. 
We are never out of his sight. We are never 
separated from his love. [The One Year Bible for New 
Believers re John 12:26] 


We would see Jesus." ... It is a blessed 
thing for a man, when he has brought all his 
desires into a focus, so that they all center on one 
object. When he has fifty different desires, his 
heart resembles a mere of stagnant water, spread 
out into a marsh, breeding miasma and 
pestilence; but when all his desires are brought into 
one channel, his heart becomes like a river of 
pure water.... Happy is he who hath one desire, 
if that desire be set on Christ, though it may 
not yet have been realized. If Jesus be a soul's 
desire, it is a blessed sign of divine work 
within.... Is this thy condition, my reader, at this 
moment? Hast thou but one desire and that is after 
Christ? Then thou are not far from the kingdom of 
heaven. (From Morning and Evening by Charles H. 
Spurgeon) [Inspirational SB] 


John 12:24, 25 - Living for Christ or Self?



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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