Romans 5:3-4 - Building Character and Hope.

Romans 5:3-4 (NIV) Not only so, but we also 
glory in our sufferings, because we know that 
suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, 
character; and character, hope. 


   We have a large three-car garage with 
glass doors on the north and south sides. One 
morning, I found a bird flying inside the garage. The 
bird, desperate to get out, kept slamming into the 
glass. Feisty little guy, I thought. He's not 
giving up. This struck me because that morning I 
had felt like giving up. I felt burdened with 
worries about my aging parents, a friend in hospice, 
and our financial struggles. And I had a nagging 
stiff neck. I backed my car out and left one of 
the garage doors open, hoping the bird would 
find its way to freedom. When I returned home, 
before driving in, I checked for the bird. And 
there it sat, on the floor of the garage, dazed 
but still alive. As I opened all of the garage 
doors, the noise startled the bird. It flew up and 
easily found its way out. It just needed some 
   This tenacious bird reminded me to not 
give up, a reminder I really needed in that 
moment. That little bird was an example that if I 
persevere through hard times - even if I fly into 
obstacles - I'll build character, and then hope will 
come. And my ultimate hope comes from Jesus, my 
help. Jesus promises to restore me and make me 
strong (1 Peter 5:10). Sometimes I might feel 
dazed, but if I can endure difficulties and keep my 
eyes on Jesus, with His help, I will make it. 
Jeannie Blackmer 
   Faith Step: Write the word hope at the 
top of a piece of paper. Then list specific 
issues you need hope for and ask Jesus to help with 
each one. [Mornings With Jesus 2022 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 


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