John 6:5 - Turn to Jesus.

John 6:5 (NIV) When Jesus looked up and saw 
a great crowd coming toward him, he said to 
Philip, "Where shall we buy bread for these people 
to eat?"  


   In an event crafted to speak to the 
anxious heart, Jesus told his disciples to do the 
impossible: feed five thousand people. But the disciples 
could see only the impossibility. Did it occur to 
any of them to ask Jesus for help? 
   The stunning answer is no! Rather than 
count on Christ, they had the audacity to tell the 
Creator of the world that nothing could be done 
because there wasn't enough money. 
   Finally a boy offered his lunch basket to 
Andrew, who tentatively mentioned the offer to 
Jesus. You know the rest of the story. The day 
ended with twelve baskets of leftovers. 
   You aren't facing five thousand hungry 
bellies, but you are facing a deadline in two days, a 
child who is being bullied at school, a spouse 
intertwined in temptation. On one hand you have a 
problem. On the other you have a limited quantity of 
wisdom, energy, patience, or time. This time, 
instead of starting with what you have, start with 
Jesus. Before you lash out in fear, look up in 
faith. Take a moment. Turn to him for help. [You 
Can Count On God by Max Lucado] 


   In feeding the five thousand, Jesus lifts 
the veil from the world of nature, and reveals 
the power that is constantly exercised for our 
good. In the production of earth's harvests God is 
working a miracle every day. Through natural 
agencies the same work is accomplished that was 
wrought in the feeding of the multitude. Men prepare 
the soil and sow the seed, but it is the life 
from God that causes the seed to germinate. It is 
God's rain and air and sunshine that cause it to 
put forth, "first the blade, then the ear, after 
that the full corn in the ear." Mark 4:28. It is 
God who is every day feeding millions from 
earth's harvest fields. Men are called upon to 
co-operate with God in the care of the grain and the 
preparation of the loaf, and because of this they lose 
sight of the divine agency. They do not give God 
the glory due unto His holy name. The working of 
His power is ascribed to natural causes or to 
human instrumentality. Man is glorified in place 
of God, and His gracious gifts are perverted to 
selfish uses, and made a curse instead of a 
blessing. God is seeking to change all this. He 
desires that our dull senses shall be quickened to 
discern His merciful kindness and to glorify Him for 
the working of His power. He desires us to 
recognize Him in His gifts, that they may be, as He 
intended, a blessing to us. It was to accomplish this 
purpose that the miracles of Christ were 
   And when we are brought into strait 
places, we are to depend on God. We are to exercise 
wisdom and judgment in every action of life, that 
we may not, by reckless movements, place 
ourselves in trial. We are not to plunge into 
difficulties, neglecting the means God has provided, and 
misusing the faculties He has given us. Christ's 
workers are to obey His instructions implicitly. The 
work is God's, and if we would bless others His 
plans must be followed. Self cannot be made a 
center; self can receive no honor. If we plan 
according to our own ideas, the Lord will leave us to 
our own mistakes. But when, after following His 
directions, we are brought into strait places, He will 
deliver us. We are not to give up in discouragement, 
but in every emergency we are to seek help from 
Him who has infinite resources at His command. 
Often we shall be surrounded with trying 
circumstances, and then, in the fullest confidence, we must 
depend upon God. He will keep every soul that is 
brought into perplexity through trying to keep the 
way of the Lord.  
   The disciples were the channel of 
communication between Christ and the people. This should 
be a great encouragement to His disciples 
today. Christ is the great center, the source of 
all strength. His disciples are to receive their 
supplies from Him. The most intelligent, the most 
spiritually minded, can bestow only as they receive. Of 
themselves they can supply nothing for the needs of the 
soul. We can impart only that which we receive 
from Christ; and we can receive only as we impart 
to others. As we continue imparting, we 
continue to receive; and the more we impart, the more 
we shall receive. Thus we may be constantly 
believing, trusting, receiving, and imparting.  


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If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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