Matthew 1:22, 23 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Matthew 1:22, 23 (NKJV) So all this was done 
that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by 
the Lord through the prophet, saying: "Behold, 
the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, 
and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is 
translated, "God with us."  


   I think weve almost deprived Christmas 
of its original meaning by making it a little 
too beautiful. In a way, weve stripped the 
Christmas story of its real power. 
   Even as we see it portrayed in art, the 
Nativity scene is pretty. But it wasnt pretty. In 
fact, it was pretty bad. Jesus was laid in a 
manger, which also could have been a feeding trough 
for animals. Its hard to imagine laying a 
precious newborn in such a place. 
   But for me, that doesnt detract from 
the story of Christmas. In fact, it serves as a 
reminder of the great sacrifice God made to come to 
this earth. He made Himself small, born in the 
most humble and difficult circumstances. 
   Why? Because He loves us and longs for a 
relationship with us. Jesus was born so that we could be 
born again. He left His home in Heaven to make a 
home in our hearts. 
   He did not come to this earth so we would 
have an excuse to go into debt with all the 
shopping we do. He did not come so we could go to 
endless Christmas events and sing Christmas songs, 
although theres nothing wrong with that. 
   Jesus did not come to teach everyone how 
to be good or to love our neighbors, even 
though these are good things to do. Rather, He came 
to die an agonizing death and to ransom us from 
an eternal death sentence. 
   The shadow of the cross lay over the 
beauty of the first Christmas night. It was there 
from the very beginning. That is why red is the 
color of Christmas. It isnt because Santa wears 
red. Red is the color of the blood that Jesus 
shed for us on the cross. 
   What were really longing for is not 
Christmas but Christ, not presents, but His presence 
in our lives. [Greg Laurie from Harvest 
Ministries; https://www.harvestdaily.com re Philippians 

   Wow! The Creator came to dwell with His 
creation. The all-knowing One came to teach teachers 
and students limited by their lack of knowledge 
and understanding. The ever-present One came to 
comfort hurting people stuck in their suffering. The 
all-powerful One came to serve weak people, empowering 
them with His Spirit. The Almighty sent His only 
son Jesus into the world, fully God and fully 
man. Yes, the Word became flesh! 
   God is with us to face down our fears by 
faith. God is with us in our doubts. God is with us 
in our hurts, applying His healing balm of 
grace. God is with us in our transitions to grow 
our trust in Him. God is with us at work and at 
home. God is with us in our uncertainty. God is 
with us when we feel His presence and when we 
don't feel Him near. God is with us in our 
successes and in our failures. God is with us and for 
us for His glory! 
   "And surely I [Jesus] am with you always, 
to the very end of the age. (Matthew 28:20 
   God is with us in our modern technology 
and our antiquated activities. The Lord is with 
us in our big cities and our small towns. Jesus 
is with us when we feel joy, laughter and loss. 
Christ is with us to comfort us in our pain and 
encourage us to persevere for Him. He is with us in 
the ups and the downs. He is with us and He is 
in us to work through us! 
   Therefore, because Christ is with you, 
you can be confident of His wisdom and 
direction. Fools flounder for lack of faith, but you 
have the Faithful One as the facilitator of your 
circumstances. Immanuel entered the earth by birth and 
entered your heart by new birth. Your Savior Jesus 
has saved you from your sins and your Lord Jesus 
commands you to follow His ways and experience His 
life. He gave His life and came to life for your 
life! by Boyd Bailey. 


Down from His Glory by Larry Wayne Morbitt; 


Matthew 1:22, 23 - God With Us.



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred