Acts 20:35 - It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive.

Acts 20:35 (ESV) In all things I have shown 
you that by working hard in this way we must 
help the weak and remember the words of the Lord 
Jesus, how he himself said, It is more blessed 
to give than to receive.  


This is a rare instance of a saying of Jesus 
not found in the canonical Gospels. [NIV SB] 

These words of Jesus are not recorded in the 
Gospels. Obviously, not all of Jesus' words were 
written down (John 21:25); this saying may have been 
passed on orally through the apostles. [Life 
Application SB] 


The Blessing of Serving
   When you were a kid and your birthday or 
Christmas was approaching, you mostly thought about 
the gifts you would get. But as you got older, 
you started thinking less about what you would 
get and more about what you would give. 
   Your outlook changes because you mature. 
And you discover there is joy in giving. 
   In the same way, when we first become 
Christians, we want all that God had for us, and so we 
should. We go to church to learn, to take in, and 
that is great. 
   But as the years pass, we realize that 
God wants to work through us as well. As a 
result, we want to give more than receive. Of 
course, we must always take in before we can give 
out. But at the same time, we discover the joy of 
giving, the joy of serving. 
   The beautiful fringe benefit is that when 
we give, the Lord gives back to us. Jesus said, 
Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return 
to you in full - pressed down, shaken together 
to make room for more, running over, and poured 
into your lap. The amount you give will determine 
the amount you get back (Luke 6:38 NLT). 
   Why not commit yourself afresh to this 
blessed responsibility and privilege? 
   Have you lived your life well so far? Or 
are you squandering it in an elusive search for 
happiness and forgetting God in the process? Instead 
of finding happiness, maybe youre finding 
misery. Thats because we find true happiness in 
knowing God through Jesus Christ. We dont find it 
in anything on this earth. 
   We will find the true happiness that we 
seek in a relationship with God. The happy life 
is the life with God. So dont settle for 
some cheap imitation this world offers. Pursue 
the real thing. [Greg Laurie from Harvest 
Ministries; https://www.harvestdaily.com] 

Try The Back Door
   The oft-used front door to happiness is 
the one described by the advertising companies: 
acquire and aspire to drive faster, dress trendier, 
and drink more. Happiness depends on what you 
hang in your closet, park in your garage, deposit 
in your bank account, experience in your 
bedroom, wear on your wedding finger, or serve at 
your dining table. It's wide, this front door to 
   Yet for all its promise it fails to 
   After all, we've all seen happy peasants 
and miserable millionaires, right? 
   There is another option. It requires no 
credit card, monthly mortgage, or stroke of lottery 
fortune. It demands no airline tickets or hotel 
reservations. Age, ethnicity, and gender are not factors. 
   You don't have to change jobs, change 
cities, change looks, or change neighborhoods. 
   But you might need to change doors.
   The motto on the front door says 
"Happiness happens when you get." The sign on the 
lesser-used back door counters "Happiness happens when 
you give." 
   Try the back door. [You Can Count On God 
by Max Lucado] 


"It is more blessed to give than to 
receive:" it seems they were words often used to his 
disciples. The opinion of the children of this world, 
is contrary to this; they are afraid of giving, 
unless in hope of getting. Clear gain, is with them 
the most blessed thing that can be; but Christ 
tell us what is more blessed, more excellent. It 
makes us more like to God, who gives to all, and 
receives from none; and to the Lord Jesus, who went 
about doing good. This mind was in Christ Jesus, 
may it be in us also. [Matthew Henry 

   Our tendency as human beings is to want 
to get something. We enjoy it greatly when we 
are given something. But God's Word teaches us 
that it is better to give than to get. When we 
get something, we only get the gift, but when we 
give something, we get joy! God is a giver, and 
if we truly desire to be like Him, then it is 
important that we develop the habit of generosity. 
   There are many ways to give. We can give 
help, encouragement, compliments, and material or 
financial gifts. We can also give mercy and 
forgiveness freely as God has given it to as. Most good 
things don't happen accidentally. We can purpose to 
do them, or "do them on purpose." Make a plan 
to give something today and every day. Be 
large-hearted, generous, abundant, and do more than you 
have to. Purpose to be a blessing everywhere you 
go, and you will find yourself being more 
blessed in many ways! 
   Father, teach me to be a generous person 
at all times. Make me aware of the needs of 
others, and help me be willing to meet those needs. 
[My Time with God by Joyce Meyer] 

Generosity Leads to Joy
   Do you want to be known as a joyful 
person? I dont mean someone who is always happy. 
Thats just not possible. I mean someone who has 
the joy of the Lord, whose hope is not shaken by 
lifes ups and downs. A joyful person sees God at 
work, even in their trials. 
   This is how you become a joyful person: 
Jesus said in Acts 20:35, There is more 
happiness in giving than in receiving (GNT). 
   Ive always loved this verse because 
its so honest. Does Jesus say theres no 
happiness in receiving? No. There is happiness in 
receiving. But Jesus says theres more happiness in 
   Thats the exact opposite of the way 
the world thinks. Most of the world thinks 
theres more happiness in getting. The more you get, 
the happier youll be. But Jesus doesnt 
think like the world. He knows you are most like 
him when you are giving - and that giving 
produces joy. 
   When people visit Saddleback Church, they 
notice its a joyful church. Do you know why? 
Because its a generous church. People love to 
give! And when youre generous, it results in 
joy. It feels good to give. 
   God wants us as individuals and churches 
to be more generous, because it makes us more 
like him. He uses our giving to bless others. 
And, in turn, he uses our generosity to bless 
   Do you want your family to be more 
joyful? Then be more generous as a family. Do you 
want to be a more joyful person? Then be more 
generous as a person. 
   Your joy will be a light to those around 
you who do not know Jesus. Your generosity will 
be a blessing. [Daily Devotional by Rick 
Warren: https://pastorrick.com/devotional/] 


The one who gives is actually twice blessed. 
 The world around you is a little better for 
the kindness, and the givers heart is blessed 
within.  Alda Ellis 

Our most valuable possessions are those 
which can be shared without lessening; those which 
when they are shared, multiply.  Our least 
valuable possessions are those which when divided are 
diminished.  Hugh Prather 

Random Acts of Kindness: The opportunity to 
bless others is a gift from God that makes us at 
once human and divine. [www.adventist.org] 

Live simply that others may simply live. 
[source unknown] 


Matthew 25:31-46 - The Parable of The Sheep 
and Goats; The Final Judgment. 



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