Genesis 1:1 - The Creator God.

Genesis 1:1 (NKJV) In the beginning God 
created the heavens and the earth.  


Who created God? To ask that question is to 
assume there was another creator before God. At 
some time, however, we are forced to stop asking 
that question and realize that there had to be 
something that has always existed. God is that 
infinite Being who has always been and who was 
created by no one. This is difficult to understand 
because finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite. 
For example, we can try to think of the highest 
number, but we can't do it. Likewise, we must not 
limit the infinite God by our finite 
understanding. [Life Application SB] 


   Every picture and story starts with a 
blank page. Nothing is on it, and it's yours to do 
anything with it. That's exactly what happened when 
God "sat down" to create Earth, the universe, 
and everything in it. He started with a blank 
page. Well, actually, there wasn't even a page - 
just darkness and nothing  and God too, of 
   Then He started to create, and it was 
exactly what He wanted. Planets spun into space, 
stars stretched across the heavens, and galaxy 
upon galaxy swirled out into the universe. 
   All throughout the universe, and here on 
the Earth, God shows His creativity to be 
indescribably, incredibly amazing! Who else could think up 
the spotted, long-necked giraffe? Who else could 
put the roar in a lion's mouth and the purr in a 
kitten's tummy? Who else could think up stick bugs, 
sloths, leafy sea dragons, platypuses, or colorful 
mantis shrimp? (Seriously, you need to check these 
guys out! They're unbelievable!) 
   God is infinitely creative - that means 
His creativity has no end. And God shows His 
creativity in you. You began as a blank page in His 
book, and He began writing your story before you 
were even born. It's going to be a great one! 
Don't believe it? Just check out some of the 
amazing stories He's already written for "ordinary" 
people just like you - David knocking out Goliath, 
Daniel napping with lions, and Esther saving her 
people. God's got an amazing story in the works for 
you - just wait and see! 
   Lord, the whole universe shows Your 
creativity! I trust that You're creating a wonderful 
story for me. [Indescribable by Louie Giglio] 


Origin of the universe
   The Bible does not discuss the subject of 
evolution. Rather, its worldview assumes God created 
the world. The biblical view of creation is not 
in conflict with science; rather, it is in 
conflict with any worldview that starts without a 
   Equally committed and sincere Christians 
have struggled with the subject of beginnings and 
come to differing conclusions. This, of course, 
is to be expected because the evidence is very 
old and, due to the ravages of the ages, quite 
fragmented. Students of the Bible and of science should 
avoid polarizations and black/white thinking. 
Students of the Bible must be careful not to make the 
Bible say what it doesn't say, and students of 
science must not make science say what it doesn't 
   The most important aspect of the 
continuing discussion is not the process of creation, 
but the origin of creation. The world is not a 
product of blind chance and probability; God created 
   The Bible not only tells us that the 
world was created by God; more important, it tells 
us who this God is. It reveals God's 
personality, his character, and his plan for his 
creation. It also reveals God's deepest desire: to 
relate to and fellowship with the people he 
created. God took the ultimate step toward fellowship 
with us through his historic visit to this planet 
in the person of his Son Jesus Christ. We can 
know in a very personal way this God who created 
the universe. 
   The heavens and the earth are here. We 
are here. God created all that we see and 
experience. The book of Genesis begins, "God created the 
heavens and the earth." [Life Application SB] 

   The simple statement that God created the 
heavens and the earth is one of the most challenging 
concepts confronting the modern mind. The vast galaxy 
we live in is spinning at the incredible speed 
of 490,000 miles an hour. But even at this 
breakneck speed, our galaxy still needs 200 million 
years to make one rotation. And there are over one 
billion other galaxies just like ours in the 
   Some scientists say that the number of 
stars in creation is equal to all the grains of 
all the sands on all the beaches of the world. 
Yet this complex sea of spinning stars functions 
with remarkable order and efficiency. To say that 
the universe "just happened" or "evolved" 
requires more faith than to believe that God is 
behind these amazing statistics. God truly did 
create a wonderful universe. 
   God did not need to create the universe; 
he chose to create it. Why? God is love, and 
love is best expressed toward something or 
someone else"so God created the world and people 
as an expression of his love. We should avoid 
reducing God's creation to merely scientific terms. 
Remember that God created the universe because he 
loves us. [Life Application SB] 


Psalm 19:1, 2 - The Heavens Declare the 
Glory of God. 


Romans 1:18-20 - The Revelation of God in