Philippians 4:19 - All Our Needs Fulfilled In Christ.

Philippians 4:19 (NIV) And my God will meet 
all your needs according to his glorious riches 
in Christ Jesus. 


This is one the great promises of Scripture. 
[Preachers Outline & Sermon Bible] 

We can trust that God will always meet our 
needs. Whatever we need on earth he will always 
supply, even if it is the courage to face death as 
Paul did. Whatever we need in heaven he will 
supply. We must remember, however, the difference 
between our wants and our needs. Most people want to 
feel good and avoid discomfort or pain. We may 
not get all that we want. By trusting in Christ, 
our attitudes and appetites can change from 
wanting everything to accepting his provision and 
power to live for him.  [Life Application SB] 


   Jersey stood still in front of the bowl 
I'd filled with kibble that morning. Only weeks 
ago, the tinkling of dry food hitting the cat's 
ceramic dish summoned him like a dinner bell. The 
scraggly white stray with black patches of fur (like 
Jersey cattle) had found me on my front porch 
enjoying a spring evening. Most likely, someone had 
dumped him near our rural home. 
   My heart couldn't resist his hungry 
meows, so I fed the little guy from the stash I 
kept for visits from my grandkitties. Which, of 
course, as anyone who has ever fed a stray cat 
knows, made me the new owner of a cat. The next 
morning, Jersey devoured a can of wet food. And so 
began his mealtime routine: gravy-covered, canned 
morsels in the morning, hard food for strong teeth 
at dinner. Until now. 
   Jersey looked down at the dry pieces in 
his bowl, then up at me. The question in his 
eyes was clear: Are you serious? Where's the 
yummy wet stuff I'm supposed to get? How could he 
turn up his whiskers at a meal he once so 
desperately needed? Funny how quickly he forgot. 
   Funny how quickly I forget too. Many 
times I've cozied up to Jesus with my incessant 
cries, only to act all finicky afterward, 
forgetting how He blessed me. Or I complain if my need 
wasn't met the way I had anticipated. Honestly, 
what could be better than His riches in glory 
supplying my needs? So purrfectly. Karen Sargent 
   Faith Step: What blessings from Jesus 
have you overlooked or underappreciated? Take a 
moment to thank Him for always meeting your needs. 
[Mornings With Jesus 2023 Devotional by Guideposts and 


Where do you find your security?
   Putting your trust in your bank account, 
your job, or your investments is a recipe for 
heartache. Why? Because you can lose all of those 
   You need to find security in something 
that cannot be taken from you: God! If you want 
Gods blessing on your life, you need to learn to 
trust in Gods wealth and not your own. 
   Heres what the Bible says about 
Gods wealth: My God will supply every need of 
yours according to his riches in glory in Christ 
Jesus (Philippians 4:19 ESV). 
   Your job may be where you get your 
income, but it shouldnt be your security. Your 
job is a channel, but God is your source. If you 
understand this, youll have so much less stress in 
your life. Let me say it again: Your job is a 
channel, but God is the source of your supply. 
   If you turned on the faucet in your 
kitchen and no water came out, what would you do? 
Would you say, Oh, the world has run out of 
water! Theres no water coming out of the faucet, 
so there must not be any left in the whole 
   Of course not. Youd know the problem 
is not with the source. Theres plenty of 
water in the world. The problem is the channel; 
its gotten blocked one way or another. 
   Its the same way in your life. If one 
channel gets blocked in your life and the 
faucet stops working, it doesnt mean the whole 
supply has dried up. God can easily turn on another 
   God is not limited by your ability and 
capacity. You may be limited by your own capacity in 
the work you do. But your job is not what 
ultimately supplies your needs. Your job is just a 
channel for God to supply your needs.  
   If you think that your job is what keeps 
you financially secure, then youre going to 
feel insecure your entire life. You need to 
understand that God is the source of your supply. You 
can depend on him to know exactly what you need 
and how to give it to you. 
   Jobs may come and go. Bank accounts rise 
and fall. Economies go up and down. Stock 
markets can go bull or bear. It doesnt matter! 
   No matter what happens, you can trust in 
Gods wealth for your security. [Daily Devotional 
by Rick Warren: 

The Task of a Lifetime
   The great British preacher Alan Redpath 
said, The conversion of a soul is the miracle 
of a moment, the manufacture of a saint is the 
task of a lifetime. 
   That is called sanctification. Salvation 
is instantaneous. But sanctification, which is 
becoming more like Christ, takes a lot of time. In 
fact, it takes a lifetime. 
   Just one month after God parted the Red 
Sea for the Israelites and delivered them from 
their enemies, they basically said to Moses, 
Oh, great. You just brought us out here to die! 
We remember how awesome it was back in Egypt. 
We had pots filled with meat. And there was so 
much bread! 
   Actually, that wasnt true at all. They 
suffered in Egypt. They were in pain. It was hard for 
them. But the Devil is cunning, and sometimes he 
will bring back certain memories from our past. 
But theyre never the miserable memories, of 
course, when we faced the repercussions of our 
   In the same way, the Israelites had 
memories that werent even based on reality. And 
the first step to going back is looking back. 
   God told Moses, I have heard the 
Israelites complaints. Now tell them, In the evening 
you will have meat to eat, and in the morning 
you will have all the bread you want. Then you 
will know that I am the Lord your God 
(Exodus 16:12 NLT). 
   The Israelites had never read the book of 
Exodus, so all this was happening in real time. God 
was saying, Ill give you meat, and it 
rained quail. Then came the bread, a sweet, flaky 
substance called manna. 
   God has promised to supply all our needs 
according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus 
(Philippians 4:19 NKJV). But He has not promised to 
supply all of our wants. God always will provide 
what we need, when we need it - sometimes before, 
but never after. [Greg Laurie from Harvest 
Ministries; https://www.harvestdaily.com] 


Palace Or Prison?
   If you were offered a palace with no 
Christ or a prison with Christ, which would you 
   In ancient Rome, the emperor Nero had the 
palace, but no Christ. The legacy of his reign is 
deceit, fear, murder, and a severe abuse of power. 
Eventually, he died alone. Deified, but alone. Rich, but 
alone. Powerful, but alone. In the end, he had 
everything except happiness. 
   Paul, on the other hand, had nothing but 
happiness. Yet he literally had nothing. He was 
imprisoned during Nero's time. His tired body carried 
the marks of whippings, shipwrecks, and disease. 
   But if you were to ask Paul to choose 
between the palace and the prison, he would be quick 
to answer. My purse may be empty, but my 
Father's is not. 
   That's the promise. That was the 
discovery of Paul. That is the hope of the believer. 
Though your "Nero" might attempt to incarcerate 
you, your Lord will provide for you. He will give 
you everything you need. A palace with no Christ 
is a prison. A prison with Christ is a palace. 
[You Can Count On God by Max Lucado] 


Philippians 4:19 - All Our Needs Fulfilled 
In Christ.