1 Peter 2:2 - Read the Bible Daily.

1 Peter 2:2 (NLT) You must crave pure 
spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full 
experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment. 

1 Peter 2:2 (CWB) Feed on the word of God as 
newborn babies feed on milk so you can grow 
spiritually strong.  


One characteristic all children share is 
that they want to grow up--to be like big brother 
or sister or like their parents. When we are 
born again, we become spiritual newborn babies. 
If we are healthy, we will yearn to grow. How 
sad it is that some people never grow up. The 
need for milk is a natural instinct for a baby, 
and it signals the desire for nourishment that 
will lead to growth. Once we see our need for 
God's Word and begin to find nourishment in 
Christ, our spiritual appetite will increase, and we 
will start to mature. How strong is your desire 
for God's Word? [Life Application SB] 


   For one to grow properly, certain rules 
must be observed for good spiritual health. 
First, read your Bible daily. It is one of your 
greatest privileges. Your spiritual life needs food. 
What kind of food? Spiritual food. Where do you 
find this spiritual food? In the Bible, the Word 
of God. The Bible reveals Christ, who is the 
Bread of Life for your hungry soul and the Water 
of Life for your thirsty heart. Don't starve 
yourself. Read it, study it, meditate on it, and 
memorize it. Ninety-five percent of the difficulties 
you will experience as a Christian can be traced 
to a lack of Bible study and reading. 
   Hide the Word of God in your heart. A 
little portion well digested is of greater 
spiritual value to your soul than a lengthy portion 
scanned hurriedly. Even if you cannot remember all 
you have read or understand it all, go on 
reading. The very practice in itself will have a 
purifying effect upon your mind and heart. Let nothing 
take the place of this daily exercise. 
   What verse of Scripture can you memorize 
today? [Peace for Each Day by Billy Graham] 


God's Word
   Just as our bodies need food, so our 
souls need spiritual food. 
   Without it we become malnourished and 
weak, susceptible to every temptation and unable 
to do the work God calls us to do. 
   Where do we find this spiritual food? In 
the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible reveals 
Christ, the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. If 
we fail to partake of this spiritual 
nourishment, we will lose our spiritual vitality. 
   Some parts of our world do not enjoy the 
freedom we have to read the Bible. But most of us 
cannot hide behind that excuse. The problem for 
most of us is not getting a Bible, but using a 
Bible - actually picking it up and reading it. 
   Don't be content to skim through a 
chapter, merely to satisfy your conscience or because 
of some long-established habit. Rather, read it 
as if your life depended on it. Meditate on it, 
memorize it, hide it in your heart so it permeates 
your whole being. A small portion well digested 
is of far greater spiritual value than a 
lengthy passage scanned hurriedly.  
   There are countless blogs, books, 
conferences, and speakers that can give useful knowledge 
about Scripture.  None of it, though, can ever 
take the place of opening the pages of Gods 
Word for ourselves. [Hope for Each Day by Billy 

Feasting on the Word
   Did you ever watch an infant take a 
feeding? Hungry little ones clutch the bottle, smack 
their lips, and make soft contented noises. They 
thoroughly enjoy their nourishment. But there comes a 
time when milk isnt enough to satiate babys 
appetite anymore. Thats when a whole world of 
culinary possibilities opens up. 
   Comparing new believers to babies, Peter 
said that they long for the pure milk of the 
word (v. 2). You wouldnt feed a newborn steak 
and spinach, would you? Well, baby Christians 
must sip scriptural truths that they understand. 
Then, like a growing child, they shoot up as they 
feast on Bible passages, gradually taking in more 
and meatier principles and topics. 
   Believers are not left alone to make 
sense of Scripture any more than babies and young 
children are expected to get their own meals. The 
Holy Spirit, who indwells Gods followers, 
illuminates the Word. That is, He makes the meaning 
clear to those who seek to understand. Moreover, 
according to Ephesians 4:11-16, God has given gifted 
Christians to the church to act as pastors and 
teachers. They are charged with equipping the saints 
for service (v. 12). These leaders instruct, 
clarify, and motivate people to grow in their 
personal faith and to fulfill the churchs purpose 
of reaching the lost. 
   Gods Word is a feast for our heart, 
mind, and spirit. This is one banquet table where 
there is no such thing as taking too much. In 
fact, the advice many parents give their children 
at the dinner table applies to the Christian 
life as well: Eat up! Scriptural food makes 
you grow strong." [In Touch Daily Devotional by 
Charles Stanley at www.intouch.org] 

1 Peter 2:2 - How to Stay Hungry for God.