Ecclesiastes 11:7 - How Sweet is Light and The Sunshine of a New Day.

Ecclesiastes 11:7 (NKJV) Truly the light is 
sweet, And it is pleasant for the eyes to behold 
the sun;  

Ecclesiastes 11:7 (NLT) Light is sweet; how 
pleasant to see a new day dawning.  

Ecclesiastes 11:7 (MSG) Oh, how sweet the 
light of day, And how wonderful to live in the 


   As a child, milk made me gag, so I drank 
as little as possible. When I grew up, I cut it 
entirely from my diet. Thats why I wasnt 
completely surprised by the unfavorable results of my 
bone density test. I assumed Dr. Schuster would 
tell me I had to drink the white stuff. But 
instead, he said, Get lots of sunshine and eat 
lots of ice cream. Sunshine for vitamin D and ice 
cream for calcium. Both together can strengthen 
your bones.  
   Will you put that in writing? I 
asked. Dr. Schuster opened his prescription pad and 
wrote: Sunshine transdermal Q D, ice cream PO Q 
D. Translation? Sunshine on my skin every 
morning and ice cream in my mouth once a day. We 
physically need sunshine. Sun exposure initiates the 
production of vitamin D in our skin. Vitamin D helps 
our bodies absorb calcium. Calcium, in turn, 
travels to our skeletal systems to ensure healthy, 
strong bones. Sunshine also provides emotional 
benefits. Weve all experienced it - the sun pops 
out, and our spirits become bright. According to 
science, spending time in the sun triggers the 
release of serotonin in our brains. This chemical 
calms us, brings focus, and boosts our mood. 
Ecclesiastes describes sunshine beautifully: The light is 
sweet, and the sun is pleasant for the eyes to 
behold. Jesus, the Son, created the rising sun. 
Daily I will seek the suns rays to warm me on 
the outside, as I allow the Son to shine 
brightly within me. Becky Alexander  
   Faith Step: Find a sunny spot and enjoy a 
scoop or two of your favorite ice cream. Thank 
Jesus for another light-filled, sweet day of life. 
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