Romans 8:14 - SPIRIT LED LIVING.

Romans 8:14 (NLT) For all who are led by the 
Spirit of God are children of God.  


Being led by the Spirit is virtually 
synonymous with walking according to the Spirit. 
Walking highlights the active participation and 
effort of the believer. Being led underscores 
the passive side, the submissive dependence of 
the believer on the Spirit. [Nelson SB] 


   Whenever anyone asks me how I can be so 
certain about who and what God really is, I am 
reminded of the story of the little boy who was out 
flying a kite. The kite went up and up until it was 
entirely hidden by the clouds.  
   What are you doing? a man asked the 
little boy.  
   Im flying a kite, he replied.
   Flying a kite, are you? the man 
said. How can you be sure? You cant see your 
   No, said the boy, I cant see 
it, but every little while I feel a tug, so I 
know for sure that its there!  
   Dont take anyone elses word for 
God. Find Him for yourself, and then you, too, 
will know by the wonderful, warm tug on your 
heartstrings that He is there for sure.  
   You have to receive God by faith in Jesus 
Christ. When that happens, there isnt any room 
for doubt. You dont have to question whether 
or not God is in your heart; you can know it.  
   Do you know the Lord in your heart as 
well as in your mind? [Peace for Each Day by 
Billy Graham] 


   Christ places the salvation of man, not 
upon profession merely, but upon faith that is 
made manifest in works of righteousness. Doing, 
not saying merely, is expected of the followers 
of Christ. It is through action that character 
is built. "As many as are led by the Spirit of 
God, they are the sons of God." Romans 8:14. Not 
those whose hearts are touched by the Spirit, not 
those who now and then yield to its power, but 
they that are led by the Spirit, are the sons of 
   Set your heart to obey what you do know 
of the word of God. His power, His very life, 
dwells in His word. As you receive the word in 
faith, it will give you power to obey. As you give 
heed to the light you have, greater light will 
come. You are building on God's word, and your 
character will be builded after the similitude of the 
character of Christ.  {MB 149-150} 

   While engaged in our daily work, we 
should lift the soul to heaven in prayer. These 
silent petitions rise like incense before the 
throne of grace; and the enemy is baffled. The 
Christian whose heart is thus stayed upon God cannot 
be overcome. No evil arts can destroy his 
peace. All the promises of God's word, all the 
power of divine grace, all the resources of 
Jehovah, are pledged to secure his deliverance. It 
was thus that Enoch walked with God. And God was 
with him, a present help in every time of need 
   Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is 
the secret of spiritual power. No other means of 
grace can be substituted, and the health of the 
soul be preserved. Prayer brings the heart into 
immediate contact with the Well-spring of life, and 
strengthens the sinew and muscle of the religious 
experience. Neglect the exercise of prayer, or engage in 
prayer spasmodically, now and then, as seems 
convenient, and you lose your hold on God. The spiritual 
faculties lose their vitality, the religious 
experience lacks health and vigor.  It is only at the 
altar of God that we can kindle our tapers with 
divine fire. {GW 254} 


Romans 8:14 - SPIRIT LED LIVING.


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