Luke 19:10 - Christ Came to Seek and Save the Lost.

Luke 19:10 (NLT) For the Son of Man came to 
seek and save those who are lost. 


A person is not saved because of a good 
heritage or condemned by a bad one; faith is more 
important than genealogy. Jesus came to save all the 
lost, regardless of their background or previous 
way of life. Through faith, the lost can be 
forgiven and made new. [Life Application SB] 


   Right on time, I congratulated myself as 
I pulled into the parking lot for my yoga 
class. As I left my car, an SUV wheeled in beside 
me. A distressed-looking woman called, "I'm 
lost! Can you help me?" 
   I'd be late to class, but how could I not 
help her? 
   She had an appointment with a new doctor 
and couldn't find her office. Luckily, I knew 
the location. I told her to get back on the 
road, go three blocks, and look for a white 
building on her left. She sped away. 
   A person can be temporarily lost, as in 
confused about a location, or one can be a lost soul, 
wandering rudderless, without the direction of Jesus. 
Jesus told parables of the lost sheep (Matthew 
18:12-14) and the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10). In both 
instances, the seeker would not give up until the 
missing item had been found. The Prodigal Son was 
lost, but when he found his way home, his father 
welcomed him with open arms (Luke 15:1132). That's 
how Jesus is with us. He won't give up on us 
until we find our way home. 
   I've been lost directionally, and while 
it's frustrating, I can reprogram my GPS or stop 
and ask for directions. But being a lost soul is 
much worse. I've been both. When my young son 
died, I blamed Jesus and rejected Him, but He 
didn't turn away from me. After months of wandering 
aimlessly, I came back to Jesus, and He welcomed me 
home. Pat Butler Dyson 
   Faith Step: If you see someone is lost 
either directionally or spiritually, reach out to 
them. [Mornings With Jesus 2023 Devotional by 
Guideposts and Zondervan] 


The Only Distinction That Matters
   In Gods eyes, there are only two kinds 
of people - saved people and lost people. Every 
one of us falls into one of these two 
categories. And, ultimately, no other human distinction 
   God loves all people - regardless of 
gender, race, or culture. And he doesnt 
distinguish people by their education, looks, wealth, or 
talent. What matters most to him is whether people 
are spiritually saved or lost.  
   Saved and lost imply value. 
The two words mean that God sees you as being 
worthy of seeking, saving, and finding; saved 
and lost are expressions of his love. 
   The Bible says, For the Son of Man 
came to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 
19:10 NLT). Thats how valuable you are. Jesus 
Christ came to earth to seek you and to save you.  
   Only valuable things get lost; invaluable 
things just get misplaced. In other words, nobody 
loses a toothpick. You may misplace a toothpick, 
but you dont lose it - because its not 
that valuable.  
   If I lost my wedding ring, it would be a 
real loss because it represents over 40 years of 
commitment to my wife. Not only that, but Kay gave it 
to me, and I love her. I would never misplace 
my wedding ring; I would lose it. 
   So, when we talk about whether a person 
is spiritually saved or lost, were not 
talking about that persons value. Whether someone 
is saved or lost, theyre incredibly 
   But God doesnt want anyone to be 
spiritually lost. Why? Because it means they are 
disconnected from him and dont have a relationship 
with him. [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 

Recovering Lost Things
   Jesus came to seek and save lost sinners, 
but He also wants to help us recover everything 
that we have ever lost that He intended for us to 
have. I lost my childhood through abuse, but God 
started giving it back to me while I was in my 
fifties! It is never too late to take back the things 
the devil has stolen from us. I learned to 
believe as a little child, to have fun like a child, 
and to trust as a little child. My natural 
father abused me, but I have a Heavenly Father now 
who loves me and has promised to meet all of my 
needs, and so do you. 
   Have you lost your childhood, confidence, 
security, joy, peace, hope, trust, boldness, or 
anything else? If you have, then Jesus wants to give 
it to you now. Jesus has already provided for 
our complete restoration through His death and 
resurrection, and we simply need to realize it and pray 
expectantly for those things to be restored. 
   Everything from God comes through faith, 
so I recommend that you release your faith for 
anything you need. God can do more than we can think, 
or even imagine, and nothing is impossible for 
Him, so pray boldly. He loves you and wants you 
to be completely whole. 
   Father, I ask boldly for the restoration 
of all that the devil has token from me in my 
lifetime. Help me stand firm in faith and refuse to do 
without the things You sent Jesus to provide for me. 
Thank You! [My Time with God by Joyce Meyer] 


Search And Rescue
   Jesus' time on earth was a 
search-and-rescue mission. He rescued a woman hiding in 
Samaria. Five husbands had dumped her like the 
morning garbage. The sixth wouldn't marry her. 
Christ went out of his way to help her. 
   He rescued a demoniac in the caves. Evil 
spirits had driven the man to mutilate himself, 
slashing himself with stones. One word from Christ 
stopped the hurting. 
   He spotted pint-size Zacchaeus in 
Jericho. The tax collector had swindled enough people 
to stockpile his retirement. Yet he would have 
given it all for a clean conscience and a good 
friend. One lunch with Jesus and he found both. 
   Jesus' ministry went on like this for 
three years. He changed person after person; no 
one quite knew how to respond to this carpenter 
who commanded the dead. Just when he seemed 
poised for a crown, he died on a cross. 
   All so that he could search for and 
rescue you. [You Can Count On God by Max Lucado] 


Luke 15:4 - He Can or Will Bring You Home.