Romans 5:20 - Where Sin Abounded, Grace Abounded Much More.

Romans 5:20 (NKJV) Moreover the law entered 
that the offense might abound. But where sin 
abounded, grace abounded much more, 

Romans 5:20 (NLT) Gods law was given so 
that all people could see how sinful they were. 
But as people sinned more and more, Gods 
wonderful grace became more abundant.  

Romans 5:20 (CWR) So, the written law was 
given to increase awareness of sin and of our need 
for a Savior. But as sin continued to increase, 
so grace increased that much more.  


Paul had already asserted that we stand 
forgiven and joyful in God's grace (5:2), and here he 
added more punch to that reality. The essential 
nature of God's grace is that it rules over the 
presence of sin and death in our world. While Adam's 
failure brought on the reign of sin and death, Jesus 
Christ has brought the reign of life through his 
grace for all who are willing to receive it. Our 
old unmanageable life represented the rule of 
death through Adam. Our life in redemption through 
Jesus Christ represents the rule of God's grace, 
kindness, and love. As we turn our life over to God, 
we can begin to receive the wonderful life that 
he offers. [Life Recovery SB] 

As a sinner, separated from God, you see his 
law from below, as a ladder to be climbed to get 
to God. Perhaps you have repeatedly tried to 
climb it, only to fall to the ground every time 
you have advanced one or two rungs. Or perhaps 
the sheer height of the ladder seems so 
overwhelming that you have never even started up. In 
either case, what relief you should feel to see 
Jesus offering with open arms to lift you above 
the ladder of the law, to take you directly to 
God! Once Jesus lifts you into Gods presence, 
you are free to obey - out of love, not 
necessity, and through Gods power, not your own. You 
know that if you stumble, you will not fall back 
to the ground. Instead, you will be caught and 
held in Christs loving arms. [Life Application 


Too Much to Measure
   Desta Haileselassie's list of casualties 
grows daily. A Tigrayan living in Sweden, Desta is 
determined to record the deaths of the Tigrayan 
minority in their conflict with the Ethiopian 
government. Nineteen of his family members have died in 
the conflict, but every one of the more than 
three thousand people on his list feels like 
family. Due to restricted information, his list 
represents only a fraction of the total, but Desta 
documents what he can: the groom killed during a 
wedding, the teen shot randomly through a wall, the 
only child killed by shelling. "It's a very hard 
job to do," Desta shares. 
   Sin abounds in this desperate world, and, 
as the apostle Paul reported, it "reigns." Like 
a king, sin exerts control. Its effects are 
obvious when considering genocide, war, divorce, 
abuse, and crime. Ultimately, sin's reign results 
in death; no one is exempt. 
   But praise God, there's a promise! In the 
same place that sin abounds, grace is even more 
plentiful. To convey the magnitude of grace, the 
apostle Paul used a word that means "to abound 
beyond measure." God's grace is so abundant, it 
cannot be measured - it overflows! Hymn writer 
Frederick Lehman said it this way: "The love of God is 
greater far than tongue or pen can ever tell." 
   Because of this abundance, grace can 
reign in our own lives instead of sin. And when 
grace is in charge, the results are righteousness 
and eternal life. 
   It's easy to become discouraged by the 
effects of sin. But remember, God's grace is so much 
bigger that it can't be measured. To keep a proper 
focus, try beginning a "grace list" - you'll be 
adding to it for eternity. 
   Gracious Father, when I see the effects 
of sin, help me remember the magnitude of Your 
grace. [The Most Amazing Bible Promises by Amazing 


   The exaltation of the redeemed will be an 
eternal testimony to Gods mercy. In the ages 
to come, He will show the exceeding 
riches of His grace in His kindness toward us 
through Christ Jesus.   
   Through Christs redeeming work the 
government of God stands justified. The Omnipotent One 
is made known as the God of love. Satans 
charges are refuted, and his character unveiled. 
Rebellion can never again arise. Sin can never again 
enter the universe. Through eternal ages all are 
secure from apostasy. By loves self-sacrifice, 
the inhabitants of earth and heaven are bound to 
their Creator in bonds of indissoluble union. 
   The work of redemption will be complete. 
In the place where sin abounded, Gods grace 
much more abounds. The earth itself, the very 
field that Satan claims as his, is to be not only 
ransomed but exalted. Our little world, under the 
curse of sin the one dark blot in His glorious 
creation, will be honored above all other worlds in 
the universe of God. Here, where the Son of God 
tabernacled in humanity; where the King of glory lived 
and suffered and died, - here, when He shall 
make all things new, the tabernacle of God shall 
be with men, and He will dwell with them, 
and they shall be His people, and God Himself 
shall be with them, and be their God. And 
through endless ages as the redeemed walk in the 
light of the Lord, they will praise Him for His 
unspeakable Gift, - Immanuel, God with us. DA 26 

Christ Frees Us from the Power of Sin
   If we would know what Christ wants to be 
to us, we must first o f all know Him as our 
Saviour from sin. When the angel came down from 
heaven to proclaim that He was to be born into the 
world, you remember he gave His name, "He shall be 
called Jesus, for he shall save his people from 
did not come to save us in our sins, but from 
our sins.... 
   Let us look at Him as He hangs upon the 
Cross, and see how He has put away sin. He was 
manifested that He might take away our sins. 
   But Christ is not only a Saviour. I might 
save a man from drowning and rescue him from an 
untimely grave; but I might probably not be able to 
do any more for him. Christ is something more 
than a Saviour. When the children of Israel were 
placed behind the blood, that blood was their 
salvation; but they would still have heard the crack of 
the slave-driver's whip, if they had not been 
delivered from the Egyptian yoke of bondage: then it 
was that God delivered them from the hand of the 
King of Egypt. I have little sympathy with the 
idea that God comes down to save us, and then 
leaves us in prison, the slaves of our besetting 
sins. No; He has come to deliver us, and to give 
us victory over our evil tempers, our passions, 
and our lusts. Are you a professed Christian, 
but one who is a slave to some besetting sin? If 
you want to get victory over that temper or that 
lust, go on to know Christ more intimately. He 
brings deliverance for the past, the present, and 
the future. D. L. Moody [Time With God SB] 


   I can bear witness to the power of 
Gods grace! I could take you to the church, to 
the section of seats in the church auditorium. I 
might be able to find the very seat in which I was 
sitting when this grace found me. I was a 
twenty-year-old college sophomore, living with a concrete 
block of guilt that had made a mess of my life. 
   But then I heard a preacher describe the 
divine grace that is greater than sin. At the end 
of the message he asked if anyone would like to 
come forward and receive this grace. Iron chains 
couldnt have held me back. Truth be told, chains had 
held me back. But mercy snapped the guilt chains 
and set me free. 
   I know this truth firsthand: Guilt 
frenzies the soul but grace calms it! The benefit of 
being a great sinner is dependence upon a great 
grace! [Max Lucado Daily Devotional at 


What Are Friends For?
   Sometimes Lisa Kretch got frustrated with 
her friends. It seemed like she was constantly 
bailing them out of something. 
   Take Coreen Mills for instance. She was 
flunking algebra. And Nancy Olton had just broken up 
with her boyfriend and was depressed all the 
time. Luann Winger was gaining weight like crazy, 
and all she did was complain about it and eat. 
   And as if that weren't enough, last week 
all three of these friends had gone to a party 
and had drunk several beers. Lisa had to drive 
them home so they wouldn't have a wreck. 
Sometimes it seemed like Lisa's friends were trying to 
cause her problems. It was all getting to be too 
much. Too much concern, too much pain. 
   Maybe she should just find new friends, 
she thought. It would sure make her life easier. 
   "Hi, Lisa!" Coreen said, setting her tray 
down beside Lisa's at the cafeteria table. "Boy, 
this algebra is a bear. Can you help me with a 
couple of things?" This was it. The true test. Was 
Lisa strong enough? She gathered her courage, 
took a deep breath, paused, and said, "Sure, 
Coreen. What are friends for?" And she meant it. 
   Lisa learned that friendship means 
commitment, even when friends disappoint you. Romans 
5:1-19 calls God our friend. Read the passage to 
discover how committed he is to us. 
      	How is Lisa's friendship with her 
friends like God's friendship with us in Jesus 
      	How can you model your friendship 
with God in human friendships? [Youth SB] 


Romans 6:1 (NKJV) What shall we say then? 
Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?  
Devotional pending.

1 Timothy 1:14 (NKJV) And the grace of our 
Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and 
love which are in Christ Jesus. 
Devotional pending.