1 Peter 1:8 - Joy Like No Other!

1 Peter 1:8 (NIV) Though you have not seen 
him, you love him; and even though you do not see 
him now, you believe in him and are filled with 
an inexpressible and glorious joy, 


   We're watching our youngest son and his 
wife prepare for the arrival of their first 
child, our sixth grandchild. It's been eleven years 
since we've had a newborn in the family. Most 
days, I manage my exuberance fairly well. Somedays 
I can't. Like today. I found an infographic 
that listed more than a dozen ways to affirm and 
build confidence in your child without 
inadvertently building cockiness. One click, and the 
information was sent to my son and daughter-in-law. 
   As of this writing, I haven't seen their 
little girl yet, except in a grainy sonogram image. 
At this moment, my son and his wife are 
counting down the days until their baby's due to 
appear. But that doesn't stop me from staying just 
shy of giddy over the idea of holding that 
little one to my heart and whisper-singing "Jesus 
Loves Me" into her tiny little ears. The sight of 
newborn-sized sleepers makes me swoon, and when I pass the 
baby section in the store, I have to resist the 
urge to pop open the baby lotion and draw a deep 
whiff. I love you, little girl. And I haven't even 
seen you yet. 
   The joy is inexpressible. So, I have no 
trouble understanding the verse (1 Peter 1:8) saying 
that even though we haven't seen Jesus face to 
face yet, we feel inexpressible joy at the 
thought of Him, His nearness, the "movement" of His 
Spirit within, the certainty of His love, and the 
promise that well see Him face to face one day. 
   Even as an expectant Grammie, I can say 
there's no joy like Jesus. by Cynthia Ruchti 
   Faith Step: Write a love letter to the 
Jesus whom you have yet to see. Express your 
current joy and your anticipation for what's ahead. 
[Mornings With Jesus 2021 Devotional by Guideposts and 


Proven Faith
   Faith is perhaps the most central element 
in the Christian life because it is the means 
by which we enter into salvation. But thats 
only the beginning. From then onward, our faith - 
or lack of it - shapes our lives and determines 
what happens to us when the winds of adversity 
blow. Some Christians never lose their footing 
even in hurricane-force winds, but others are 
toppled by the slightest gust. To understand why 
this is true, we need to examine the source of 
our faith. 
   Inherited faith: If you grew up in a 
Christian home, you probably adopted some of the 
beliefs of your parents. This kind of godly 
foundation is a wonderful gift from the Lord, but 
eventually, each person must assume responsibility for 
his own beliefs. 
   Textbook faith: The Bible is the ultimate 
guide for establishing our beliefs. But thats 
not the only source of influence. Books, 
preachers, teachers, and friends all impact our 
convictions. Our theology may in fact be sound, but faith 
is merely mental acceptance until its put to 
the test. 
   Proven Faith: Only when we trust the Lord 
through the fires of adversity will we have faith 
that can stand. It is no longer based on what 
others have told us or what weve accepted as 
true but on our firsthand experience of His 
   To evaluate your faith, consider how you 
react to adversity. Do you cling to the Lord or 
get angry at Him? Is your attitude one of 
rejoicing because Hes making you more like His Son, 
or are you bitter? No one can escape adversity, 
but those with proven faith will benefit from 
it. [In Touch Daily Devotional by Charles 
Stanley at www.intouch.org] Re 1Pe. 1:3-9 


I am the resurrection and the life; all 
lasting Life emanates from Me. People search for 
life in many wrong ways: chasing after fleeting 
pleasures, accumulating possessions and wealth, trying 
to deny the inevitable effects of aging. 
Meanwhile, I freely offer abundant Life to everyone who 
turns toward Me. As you come to Me and take My 
yoke upon you, I fill you with My very Life. This 
is how I choose to live in the world and 
accomplish My purposes. This is also how I bless you 
with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory. The Joy 
is Mine, and the Glory is Mine; but I bestow 
them on you as you live in My Presence, inviting 
Me to live fully in you. (John 11:25; Mat. 
11:28, 29; 1Pe. 1:8, 9) [Jesus Calling by Sarah 

   I have done great things for you, so let 
Me fill you with Joy. Take ample time to ponder 
all I have done for you. Rejoice in My goodness 
and My greatness as you remember My marvelous 
deeds. Rest in My intimate Presence; relax in My 
everlasting arms. I long to fill you with Joy, but you 
must collaborate with Me in this process.  
   Do not be like a spoiled child on 
Christmas Day - hastily tearing open all the presents 
and then saying, "Is that all?" Every single day 
is a precious gift from Me! Search for Me 
within the boundaries of this day, and you will 
surely find Me. I am present not only in pleasant 
things but also in unwanted circumstances. My Joy 
is sufficient for all situations, and I adjust 
it according to your need. When things are 
going your way, My gladness intensifies your 
delight. When you encounter hard things, I give you a 
deep, bold Joy that clings to Me for help. 
Receiving My Joy requires not only time but also 
courage. (Psa. 126:3; Deu. 33:27; Jer. 29:13; 1Pe. 
1:6-8) [Jesus Today by Sarah Young] 

   In Me you can discover Joy inexpressible 
and full of Glory! You will not find this kind 
of pleasure anywhere else; it is available only 
in your relationship with Me. So trust Me, 
beloved, and walk confidently along your life-path. 
As we journey together, you will encounter many 
obstacles - some of which are quite painful. Expect 
these difficulties each day, and don't let them 
throw you off course. Refuse to let adversity keep 
you from enjoying Me. In My Presence deep sorrow 
can coexist with even deeper Joy.  
   Your life with Me is an adventure, and 
there are always some dangers involved in 
adventurous journeys. Ask Me to give you courage so that 
you can face your troubles boldly. Keep your 
hope fully fastened on Me and on the heavenly 
reward that awaits you. Your Joy will expand 
astronomically - beyond anything you could possibly imagine 
- when you reach your eternal home. There you 
will see Me face to Face, and your Joy will know 
no bounds! (1Pe. 1:8; 2Co. 6:10; 1Co. 13:12) 
[Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 

   Believing in Me has many beneficial 
effects - including Joy that is inexpressible and 
filled with Glory! If something is inexpressible, 
it is too great and wondrous to be described. 
But it can be experienced. So come into My 
Presence expectantly; open wide your heart to Me. The 
Joy you can have in Me is triumphant and filled 
with heaven's Glory. I triumphed over sin and 
death once for all time! This opens up the way to 
heaven for all who believe in Me.  
   No matter how many difficulties you face, 
the outcome of your faith - the salvation of 
your soul - is secure. This is true for all who 
really trust Me as Savior-God. As you rejoice in 
your glorious heavenly future, let your light 
shine before other people. My Spirit, the Spirit 
of truth, will help you speak truth into 
others' lives. Align yourself with Me, for I came 
into the world to testify to the truth. Join Me 
in this quest so that people living in darkness 
can find Me and walk in My great Light. (1Pe. 
1:8, 9; Mat. 5:16; John 18:37; Isa. 9:2) [Jesus 
Always by Sarah Young] 

   I offer you inexpressible and glorious 
Joy - straight from heaven itself! This 
triumphant, heavenly Joy can be found only in Me. It is 
easy to slide, ever so gradually, from delighting 
in Me to living for the next spiritual "high." 
Sometimes I bless you with a taste of heaven's 
splendor, but the primary purpose of these experiences 
is to whet your appetite for the next life. Do 
not underestimate the brokenness of the world 
you inhabit. Your enjoyment of My Presence will 
always intermingle with the sorrows of living in 
this fallen world - until I take you into Glory. 
   Someday you will see Me face to Face, but 
for now you love Me without having seen Me. You 
believe in Me even though you do not see Me. This 
love for Me is not irrational or whimsical. It's 
a response to My boundless passion for you, 
dramatically displayed on the cross and verified by My 
resurrection. You worship a risen, living Savior! Blessed 
are those who have not seen Me and yet have 
believed. (1Pe. 1:8; Psa. 73:23, 24; 1Jo. 4:19; Joh. 
20:29) [Jesus Always by Sarah Young] 




1 Peter 1:8 - Joy Like No Other!



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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