Ephesians 5:15-17 - Be Careful How You Live.

Ephesians 5:15-17 (NKJV) See then that you 
walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, 16 
redeeming the time, because the days are evil. 17 
Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the 
will of the Lord is. 

Ephesians 5:15-17 (NLT) So be careful how 
you live. Dont live like fools, but like 
those who are wise. 16 Make the most of every 
opportunity in these evil days. 17 Dont act 
thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to 

Ephesians 5:15-17 (AMP) Look carefully then 
how you walk! Live purposefully and worthily and 
accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise 
(sensible, intelligent people), 16 Making the very most 
of the time [buying up each opportunity], 
because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be 
vague and thoughtless and foolish, but 
understanding and firmly grasping what the will of the 
Lord is.  

Ephesians 5:15-17 (MSG) So watch your step. 
Use your head. 16 Make the most of every chance 
you get. These are desperate times! 17 Don't 
live carelessly, unthinkingly. Make sure you 
understand what the Master wants.  


   Our time belongs to God. Every moment is 
His, and we are under the most solemn obligation 
to improve it to His glory. Of no talent He has 
given will He require a more strict account than 
of our time. 
   The value of time is beyond computation. 
Christ regarded every moment as precious, and it is 
thus that we should regard it. Life is too short 
to be trifled away. We have but a few days of 
probation in which to prepare for eternity. We have no 
time to waste, no time to devote to selfish 
pleasure, no time for the indulgence of sin. It is now 
that we are to form characters for the future, 
immortal life. It is now that we are to prepare for 
the searching judgment. 
   The human family have scarcely begun to 
live when they begin to die. The man who 
appreciates time as his working day will fit himself for 
a mansion and for a life that is immortal. It 
is well that he was born. We are admonished to 
redeem the time. But time squandered can never be 
recovered. We cannot call back even one moment. The 
only way in which we can redeem our time is by 
making the most of that which remains, by being 
co-workers with God in His great plan of 
   Every moment is freighted with eternal 
consequences. We are to stand as minute men, ready for 
service at a moments notice. The opportunity that 
is now ours to speak to some needy soul the 
word of life may never offer again. God may say 
to that one, This night thy soul shall be 
required of thee, and through our neglect he may 
not be ready. (Luke 12:20.) In the great 
judgment day, how shall we render our account to God? 
FLB158, COL342-343 


Your Life Is Your Time
   Our lives are governed by time. That's 
why we're surrounded by clocks and calendars 
that dictate our activities. As the minutes tick 
by, we wonder where the day went. When 
responsibilities and pressures mount, we complain, "I just 
don't have time to get it all done!" But the 
reality is that God has given us enough time to do 
exactly what He's planned for our lives. Perhaps the 
bigger issue is whether we are using our time to do 
our will or the Lord's. 
   Time is a gift from God, and He has 
allotted each of us a measure in which to live and 
accomplish His purposes. We have only two options - to 
spend it temporally on our own interests or invest 
it eternally. Since time can never be retrieved 
or reversed, it's critical that we make the 
most of every opportunity the Lord provides. 
   The key to investing in eternity is 
following God's plan for your life, not just filling 
your days with activities. Jesus was allocated 
just thirty-three years of life on earth, but 
only the last three were spent in fulfilling His 
Messianic ministry. To us that seems like a waste of 
time. Yet Christ accomplished everything His 
Father gave Him to do. That's why on the cross He 
could say, "It is finished" (John 19:30). 
   Scripture compares earthly life to "a 
vapor that appears for a little while and then 
vanishes" (James 4:14), but eternal life never ends. 
It's foolish to spend your life on a vapor when 
you can reap everlasting benefits by following 
God's will for your time here. Each day is an 
opportunity to choose. [In Touch Daily Devotional by 
Charles Stanley at www.intouch.org] 

Invest Your Time - Dont Just Spend It
   Time is a most valuable commodity. Since 
its irreversible and irreplaceable, we ought to 
give careful consideration to how we spend our 
days - and even our minutes. Time is a gift from 
God. That means we are not owners but stewards 
and will one day be held accountable for how we 
used what was entrusted to us. According to verse 
15, there are only two possible ways to live: 
wisely or foolishly. 
   Lets first consider what is involved 
in using our time wisely. Those who realize 
that their days belong to God are careful how 
they live. Their goal is to understand the 
Lords will and align their schedules and 
activities with His purposes. As they seek guidance 
each day through intimate fellowship with Him in 
the Word and prayer, their spiritual eyes are 
opened to discern which opportunities are from the 
Father and which are not a part of His plans for 
   But those who are foolish do not give 
adequate thought to the way they live. Some become 
unproductive and lazy, living for their own pleasures 
while missing out on Gods purpose for their 
lives. However, others may be very busy and 
extremely successful by worldly standards, but if 
their days are occupied with activities that 
arent Gods will for them, theyre wasting 
their time. 
   To make the most of your opportunities, 
begin each day with the Lord, submitting to His 
will and asking that He direct your activities. 
After all, none of us want to get to heaven and 
discover that even though weve been busy spending 
our time, we have failed to invest it for 
eternity. [Life Principles SB By Charles Stanley] 

Is What Youre Doing the Best Use of Your 
   If you want to make an impact with your 
life, youve got to do one thing: Get control of 
your time. Your time is your life. If you dont 
learn to manage your time, youll limit the 
legacy of your life. 
   Ephesians 5:15-17 says, Be very 
careful how you live. Do not live like those who are 
not wise. Live wisely. I mean that you should 
use every chance you have for doing good, 
because these are evil times. So do not be foolish 
with your lives. But learn what the Lord wants 
you to do (ICB). 
   We all have the same amount of time every 
week: 168 hours. Its what you do with it that 
counts! Youve only been allotted a certain number 
of days in this world, and if you waste them, 
youve blown it! If you waste time, youre 
wasting your life. Your time is your life. You have 
to stop and ask, Is this the best use of my 
time? Is this the best use of my life? 
   You dont have time for everything. The 
good news is that God doesnt expect you to do 
everything. So dont feel guilty about it! There are 
only a few things worth doing in the first 
   Effective people figure out whats 
essential in life and whats trivial, and they spend 
more time doing the essential things and less 
time doing the trivial things. You cant 
eliminate all the trivia in your life, but you can 
reduce it. 
   This sounds easy, but frankly its 
often difficult to choose between whats best 
for your life and whats easiest for your life 
- especially when youre tired. When 
youre tired you dont want to do the best thing. 
You want to do whats easy. Thats why if 
youre really going to make something of your life, 
you have to learn to get some rest. If youre 
not rested, you wont have the mental, 
emotional, and physical strength to say, Im going 
to do the right thing instead of the easiest 
   Dont waste your life. Dont settle 
for second best. Dont go through life just 
existing. You were not created to just coast. God made 
you for a mission and a purpose. That starts by 
asking, Is what Im doing the best use of my 
life? [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 

Be Careful with Your Time
   Time is your most precious commodity. You 
only have a limited amount of it! 
   Its estimated that people will live an 
average of 72 years, or 26,000 days. You may think 
youve got plenty of days left, but, if you're over 
27, you've already passed 10,000 days. Youre 
not getting any of those days back, and thats 
what makes time your most precious resource. 
   You can always get more money. You can 
always get more energy. But you cannot create more 
   You have a certain number of days in your 
life, and that's it. When you spend them, 
theyre gone. So life management is really time 
management. If you learn to manage your time, then you 
learn to manage your life. 
   "Be careful how you live. Don't live like 
fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most 
of every opportunity in these evil days" 
(Ephesians 5:15-16 NLT). 
   The opposite of careful is careless. The 
Bible tells you not to be careless with your life. 
Be careful. That means you should be 
intentional and deliberate with your time. I like to 
call it being purpose driven! 
   Do you know what it looks like to be 
careless with your time? On average, people spend 
three hours and 15 minutes on their phone a day. 
Americans spend more than five hours a day on their 
phones and check their phones an average of 58 
times a day. Thats 35 hours a week that weve 
devoted to staring at a tiny screen - and that 
doesnt include time spent on the computer or 
watching TV. Of course, not all of that time is 
fruitless. But being careful with your time means being 
aware of how you spend it and of whether you are 
spending it on things that really matter. 
   "Someone may say, 'I'm allowed to do 
anything,' but not everything is helpful. Im allowed 
to do anything, but not everything encourages 
growth" (1 Corinthians 10:23 GW). 
   It's not a sin for you to spend five 
hours watching cute cate videos on YouTube. But it 
might not be the best use of your time. Some 
things arent necessarily wrong. They're just not 
necessary. It may not be wrong, but is it worth giving 
your life for? 
   Be careful with your days. You only have 
so many. [Daily Devotional by Rick Warren: 

Its about Time
   I Am A Sucker For Time-Management Books.
   Some people cant say no to a salesman 
at the door. Others have the hardest time 
passing up a litter of free puppies. Some people 
struggle with driving by a garage sale without 
stopping. Still others find it almost impossible to 
withstand the urge to gamble. Not me. My weakness is 
books that teach me about the investment of my 
time - all of those volumes that promise to tell 
me how to replace simply being busy with being 
effective. I have a special place in my heart for books 
that get me to think through things before 
plunging into them. 
   I could save money (and the time spent 
reading) if I remembered what the Bible says about 
how to live effectively. The biblical antidote 
to the problem is described best by the apostle 
   Be careful how you live. Dont live 
like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the 
most of every opportunity in these evil days. 
Dont act thoughtlessly, but understand what the 
Lord wants you to do. Ephesians 5:15"17 
   Such truths grab my attention. Walking 
wisely is the secret to living above our 
circumstances rather than under them. 
   If you kept reading Ephesians 5, youd 
discover that the Holy Spirit is the One who helps 
you manage life effectively: 
   Be filled with the Holy Spirit, singing 
psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among 
yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts. 
And give thanks for everything to God the Father 
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 
   Put yourself under His control by 
spending time in His Word and committing to a life of 
obedience and trust. Thats what will guarantee 
youre using your time wisely. [Chuck Swindoll 

Living on Purpose 
   God desires that we bear much good fruit 
(see John 15:1-5). That can only occur if we are 
people who live life "on purpose." Each day, we 
should prayerfully think through what we would like 
to accomplish that day and then purpose to do 
it. If we are vague and thoughtless, it is more 
likely that we won't accomplish much at all. Vague 
people wait to see how they feel before taking 
action, but purposeful people take the proper action 
no matter how they feel about it. 
   We live in a world of distractions, and 
even purposeful people need to be wise and not 
get off track. Many things scream for our 
attention, and yet it is up to each of us to decide 
what God would have us give our attention to. If 
I need to clean my house today, should I do 
that or go shopping with a friend who called at 
the last minute with an invitation? If I need to 
pay my bills and balance my bank account, should 
I do that or get distracted by television and 
sit on the couch most of the day? Many people 
live frustrated lives simply because they do not 
live on purpose. 
   When my day is over, I need to feel that 
I have accomplished something worthwhile. I 
want to have made progress in some areas of my 
life, and I believe that is a desire that God has 
placed in each of us. We feel fulfilled when we 
have confidence that we have done what we needed 
to do, but we feel frustrated if we feel we 
have just wasted the day. Even if we decide to 
rest all day, which is something that can also be 
fruitful for our overall health, we need to do it on 
purpose! In short, my advice is: Pray, plan, and stay 
focused on purpose! 
   Father, I want to bear good fruit in my 
life, and need Your help in planning and in 
following through. Help me not to get distracted by 
time-wasters that get me off track and frustrate me. [My 
Time with God by Joyce Meyer] 

The Most of Every Opportunity
   To make the most of every opportunity, 
it's good to make a plan. A plan clarifies what's 
important in your life. When you have a plan with 
goals, you then calculate how much time it's going 
to take to reach those goals - how much time 
weekly for how many weeks. But until it gets on 
your calendar, it's just a dream. You will find 
it much clearer in your mind and much more 
likely to happen if you write it all down. 
   One more step that will make an enormous 
difference in whether you follow through with your plan 
is telling somebody about your goal. Did you 
know that when you share your goal with somebody 
else, and commit to reporting back to that person, 
you have a 95 percent chance of achieving it? 
   What is your goal? What time on what days 
of the week are you going to give to it? 
   Take advantage of the opportunities 
before you. [The Daniel Plan 365-Day Devotional] 

Redeeming the Time
   These days we are bombarded with 
opportunities that entice us to invest our time and 
energy. Each day the voices of urgency cry out for 
every available moment. So many causes promise 
that time spent on them will reap great rewards; 
how can we recognize Gods voice among so many 
competing voices?  
   A fool makes unwise choices with his 
time. With every new opportunity that comes along, 
the fool chases off in a different direction, 
not questioning whether that is the best choice. 
The loudest voice gains his attention. At some 
point the fool discovers to his dismay that he has 
squandered the investment of his time.  
   The days in which you live are evil. 
Marriages are under tremendous pressure, families are 
disintegrating. Multitudes are dying each year without 
hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Investing your 
life wisely is critical to you and to those 
around you. Foolishly spending your time in sinful 
or wasteful pursuits can cost you and others 
   Often, it is not evil pursuits that rob 
your time. Rather, the temptation is to sacrifice 
what is best for what is good. The enemy knows 
that blatantly tempting you with evil will be 
obvious, so he will lure you with distractions, 
leaving you no time to carry out Gods will. He 
will tempt you to so fill your schedule with good 
things that you have no time for Gods best. You 
may inadvertently substitute religious activity 
for Gods will, pursuing your own goals for 
Gods kingdom instead of waiting for His 
assignment. Time is a precious commodity. Be sure to 
invest it wisely. [Experiencing God Day by Day by 
Henry and Richard Blackaby] 


No one can doubt that the days we are living 
in are evil: murder, rape, theft, fraud, 
suicide, slander, abuse, and arrogance abound.  The 
Bible states plainly that we, as Christians, need 
to live very carefully and very wisely, making 
the most of every opportunity.  Paul, in this 
5th chapter of the letter to the Christians at 
Ephesus, exhorts them to be imitators of God.  Jesus 
obeyed God in order to bring glory and honor to 
God.  We should have no other yardstick by which 
we measure our life.  Jesus was careful and 
wise and made the most of every opportunity for 
the glory of God!  Are you careful and wise, 
according to the Scriptures?  Do you take every 
opportunity to say or do something that will bring honor 
to God?  Think about it.  [In His Time; Walk 
With Wisdom] 

Set These Four Goals to Grow More Like Jesus
   Do you want to be healthier? More rested 
and less stressed? Do you want to be closer to 
God? To other people? 
   You dont just drift into good things. 
You must be intentional. You have to set some 
goals and then commit to working toward them every 
   We were created to become like Jesus 
Christ, so lets use him as a model for growth. 
The Bible tells us that Jesus grew in four ways: 
Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor 
with God and man (Luke 2:52 NIV). 
   If you want to be like Jesus, then you 
have to grow intellectually, physically, 
relationally, and spiritually. As you read through these 
points, be thinking of one goal you can set for 
yourself in each of these four areas. 
   1. Set a goal for intellectual growth.
   Proverbs 19:8 says, Do yourself a 
favor and learn all you can; then remember what 
you learn and you will prosper (GNT). You 
must never stop learning. A mind is a terrible 
thing to waste! What is one thing youd like to 
learn? It doesnt have to be a spiritual thing. 
Maybe theres a book youd like to read for 
the first time. Maybe theres a class youd 
like to take. Maybe youve always wanted to 
learn another language. Now is the time to do it! 
   2. Set a goal for physical growth.
   The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, 
Dont you realize that your body is the temple of 
the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given 
to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, 
for God bought you with a high price. So you 
must honor God with your body (NLT). God wants 
you to honor him with your body, because its 
where he lives. What could you do to set a goal in 
this area? How can you improve your health? 
Dont make an unrealistic goal, because you will 
just get discouraged. You might need to get a 
physical, go to bed earlier, change an eating habit, 
or start walking during your lunch break. 
   3. Set a goal for relational growth.
   Philippians 1:9 says, This is my 
prayer for you: that your love will grow more and 
more; that you will have knowledge and 
understanding with your love (NCV). The greatest lesson 
you can learn in life is how to love God and 
other people. Because thats what life is all 
about! What do you need to do to develop stronger 
relationships? Do you need to join a small group? Restore a 
relationship? Offer forgiveness or ask for forgiveness? 
Invite a new friend over for a meal? Remember to 
make your goal specific. 
   4. Set a goal for spiritual growth.
   The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:18, Grow 
in spiritual strength and become better 
acquainted with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 
(TLB). Ive found in my life that the smallest 
goal I set in this area reaps the most incredible 
benefits. As you think through this one, ask, What 
can I do that will make the biggest 
difference? Even a small thing can make a huge 
difference. Or what have you been putting off when it 
comes to spiritual growth? Do that one first when 
it comes to this goal. 
   Make it a point to write down your goals 
and put them on your refrigerator or your 
mirror. Look at them every day. Pray about them. 
Review them. Share them with a spiritual partner. 
Use these goals to help you know Jesus better 
and grow more into his image. 
   Walk carefully, not as the unwise, but 
as wise, making the very most of your time  
Do not be foolish and thoughtless, but 
understand and firmly grasp what the will of the Lord 
is (Ephesians 5:15-17 AMP). [Daily Devotional 
by Rick Warren: 


   Relax in My healing, holy Presence. Allow 
Me to transform you through this time alone 
with Me. As your thoughts center more and more on 
Me, trust displaces fear and worry. Your mind is 
somewhat like a seesaw. As your trust in Me goes up, 
fear and worry automatically go down. Time spent 
with Me not only increases your trust; it also 
helps you discern what is important and what is 
   Energy and time are precious, limited 
entities. Therefore, you need to use them wisely, 
focusing on what is truly important. As you walk 
close to Me, saturating your mind with Scripture. 
I will show you how to spend your time and 
energy. My Word is a lamp to your feet; My Presence 
is a Light for your path. (Eph. 5:15, 16; Psa. 
119:105) [Jesus Calling by Sarah Young] 


Psalm 90:12 - Time a Precious Talent.



If anyone has a paraphrase, commentary or 
testimony on this passage of Scripture, either 
personal or otherwise, I would be interested in 
hearing from you.  Thanks in advance and let's keep 
uplifting Jesus that all might be drawn to Him. Fred 


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