Deuteronomy 8:3 - Respecting God by Living His Word and Ways.

Deu.8:3; Respecting God by Living His Word and Ways.

Deuteronomy 8:6 (NCV) Obey the commands of the Lord your God,
living as He has commanded you and respecting Him.


Remember the Lord Your God  (8:1-20)
A Call to Remember and Obey


Deut. 6:13 (KJV)  Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, and serve
him, and shalt swear by his name.

Deu 6:5-9 (Gibbs)  Love God with your total being and fill your
heart with His words. Teach God's word to your children until it lives
in them. Make God's word your conversation in the home. Make God's
word your conversation outside the home i.e. at work and in the
community. Make God's word your last conversation of the day when you
retire. Make God's word your first conversation of the day when you get
up in the morning. Consider God's word in every action you
undertake. Consider God's word in every thought you have. Remember God's
word every time someone enters or leaves your home. Remember God's
word every time you leave or enter your home. In other words
acknowledge God and His word in every thought, word and deed from the time
you get up until the time you go to bed.

Psalm 128:1 (KJV)  Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord;
that walketh in his ways.


Walk in his ways. Rather than in ways of our own choosing. [SDA

There are things required in life.  To drive a car, you must
have a driver's license.  To teach in a public school you need a
teaching certificate.  These things are required so that a person may
"do" something, or "be" something. To be a follower of God, there are
requirements.  Fear God, not as the "Great Punisher in the Sky," but rather
with a reverence for who and what He is! We can begin to see Him in
His creation.  To walk in His ways is to order your life, your walk,
according to His Word, which must be regularly read to know Him more
fully.  And as you begin to know Him more fully, you grow in affection
for Him.  And this ultimately leads to the desire to serve Him.  To
know Him, to love Him, to serve Him.  Is that your desire?  Today
draw near, read His Word and pray to Him.  It is His desire you
should.  [In His Time, Walk with Wisdom]

All the kids called him "Grandpa."  He was a plumber with an
eighth-grade education.  But no one was more articulate about Jesus Christ
than Grandpa Craig.
Kids from all over spent a lot of time with Grandpa - eating
popcorn in his living room, having Bible studies, praying, just
"shooting the breeze."  No matter where the conversation wandered, though,
Grandpa would always bring it around to Jesus.
Whenever we were talking about school or dating or the future,
Grandpa would say, "That reminds me of something Jesus said ..." or,
"That's just like when Jesus ..." and he would reveal new insights to us
about Jesus.
Grandpa's life was filled with the reality of Jesus' presence.
On Saturday afternoons, we would sometimes take long walks with
Grandpa.  He would point to the countryside and say, "Now, that's Jesus'
way of showing us how much he loves us.  He made all these things
for us to enjoy."
Grandpa saw Jesus in everything around him.  "See how the sun
goes down so faithfully every evening?"  he would ask.  "That show
how faithful Jesus is to us.  Just like the sun, he never lets us
When anyone wondered how to act toward a new kid in school,
Grandpa would ask, "How would Jesus act if he were in school?"  Problems
with parents?  "What would Jesus do in your shoes?"  His advice was
always simple: "Focus on Jesus.  Figure it our from there."  [The Youth
Bible; NCV; p.1058]

Obedience is not the essence of a right relationship with God,
but it is the evidence of it. [Daily Walk Bible]