Isaiah 61:1 - Fixing Broken Hearts!

Isa.61:1; Fixing Broken Hearts!

Isa 61:1 (NCV)  The LORD has appointed me to tell the good news 
to the poor. He has sent me to comfort those whose hearts are 
broken, to tell the captives they are free, and to tell the prisoners 
they are released. 

The prophets had the Holy Spirit of God at times, teaching them 
what to say, and causing them to say it; but Christ had the Spirit 
always, without measure, to qualify him, as man, for the work to which 
he was appointed. The poor are commonly best disposed to receive 
the gospel, James 2:5; and it is only likely to profit us when 
received with meekness. To such as are poor in spirit, Christ preached 
good tidings when he said, Blessed are the meek. Christ's 
satisfaction is accepted. By the dominion of sin in us, we are bound under 
the power of Satan; but the Son is ready, by his Spirit, to make us 
free; and then we shall be free indeed. Sin and Satan were to be 
destroyed; and Christ triumphed over them on his cross. But the children of 
men, who stand out against these offers, shall be dealt with as 
enemies. Christ was to be a Comforter, and so he is; he is sent to 
comfort all who mourn, and who seek to him, and not to the world, for 
comfort. He will do all this for his people, that they may abound in the 
fruits of righteousness, as the branches of God's planting. Neither the 
mercy of God, the atonement of Christ, nor the gospel of grace, profit 
the self-sufficient and proud. They must be humbled, and led to know 
their own character and wants, by the Holy Spirit, that they may see 
and feel their need of the sinner's Friend and Saviour. His doctrine 
contains glad tidings indeed to those who are humbled before God. 
[Matthew Henry Commentary] 

Many in the world set their affections on things that in 
themselves are not evil; but they become satisfied with these things, and 
do not seek the greater and higher good that Christ desires to give 
them. Now we must not rudely seek to deprive them of what they hold 
dear. Reveal to them the beauty and preciousness of truth. Lead them 
to behold Christ in His loveliness; then they will turn from 
everything that would draw their affections away from Him. This is the 
principle of the Saviour's dealing with men; it is the principle that must 
be brought into the church. 
Christ came into the world to "bind up the broken-hearted, to 
proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them 
that are bound." Isaiah 61:1. The Sun of Righteousness shall "arise 
with healing in His wings." Malachi 4:2. The world is full of men and 
women who are carrying a heavy burden of sorrow and suffering and sin. 
God sends His children to reveal to them Him who will take away the 
burden and give them rest. It is the mission of Christ's servants to 
help, to bless, and to heal.  6T54, 5