Job 28:28 - How To Get Wisdom And Understanding.

Job.28:28; How To Get Wisdom And Understanding.

Job 28:28 (KJV)  The fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to 
depart from evil is understanding.  

"The fear of the Lord" is a key theme in the wisdom literature 
of the Bible (Job through Song of Songs). It means to have respect 
and reverence for God and to be in awe of his majesty and power. 
This is the starting point to finding real wisdom (see Proverbs 
1:7-9).  [Life Application SB] 

This concept is the beginning point and the fundamental lesson 
in one's search for wisdom (Prov. 1:7). The parallel phrase, "And 
to shun evil is understanding" (28:28), explains how the fear of 
the Lord may be practically applied. [New Bible Companion] 

God is perfect in His wisdom. As the sun cannot be without 
light, neither can God be without wisdom. He was wisdom originally. Men 
acquire wisdom through experience; God has it by essence. He does not 
have to study or gain more experience. God has wisdom perfectly. He 
has absolutely no ignorance. He has wisdom universally Men are wise 
in various things. God is wise in all things. He has wisdom 
perpetually. Man's wisdom fades near death. God's Wisdom is perpetual. His 
wisdom is incomprehensible. The wisdom of one man may be comprehended 
by another. "Canst thou by searching find out God?" [Job 11:7] His 
wisdom is infallible, Even the wisest men fall short of their goals. 
God never fails. The God You Can Know by Dan DeHaan [Inspirational 

In this world of confusion, misrepresentation, and ignorance how 
wonderful it is for believers to discover that their God holds wisdom, 
knowledge, and understanding.  We need to grasp the omniscience, the 
all-knowing nature, of God and realize that it is only through Him that we 
can become wise and be taught the truth.  Many run here and there 
seeking guidance from so-called professionals.  What God would have us 
know through this verse is that to grow wise and gain understanding, 
we need to know Him!  And while God can and does use people, He 
very often would speak to us through His Word or by His Spirit - if 
we would but wait upon Him and listen.  Do you desire wisdom and 
understanding?  Are you willing to devote yourself to study and prayer?  Pray 
about it! [In His Time; Walk With Wisdom]  

What we cannot grasp, God knows completely. Far too many people 
are quick to make moral pronouncements: Gays march for pride; 
abortion is merely a matter of a woman's personal freedom; sex educators 
distribute condoms to teens and never mention abstinence. All loudly 
proclaim their position is "moral," while ignoring God's understanding as 
expressed in Scripture. The only hope is to abandon human notions of 
morality and be subject to God. [Victor Bible Reader's Companion] 

The first step to attaining wisdom is the hardest; trusting and 
showing reverence for God.  This means admitting that we need help and 
then allowing God to guide and care for us.  [Life Recovery SB] 

Wisdom begins with knowing God. He gives insight into living 
because he created life. To know God is not just to know the facts about 
him, but to stand in awe of him and have a relationship with him. Do 
you really want to be wise? Get to know God better and better. [Life 
Application SB]